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Healthy and

Natural Treats

for Dogs and Cats

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What does every Dog and Cat just Love?


Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

We love our pets and we love to spoil them. Hey, we like to be spoiled on occasion ourselves, so why not pamper our dogs and cats with some great tasting and healthy and natural treats too.

Tippy just loves the taste of these Dental Treats and they are so good for her teeth. Alfred goes bonkers over the Gourmet Cat Treats. (and great for hairballs too)

We bring out the Gourmet Cat Treats and Alfred's tail shoots straight up in the air .... with a hundred purrs a minute.


Both Tippy & Alfred rate these treats as 5 Paws Up.
Purr-fectly good taste and Purr-fectly good for our pets health

You can choose from a wide selection of quality treats including:

* Gourmet Cat Treats 

* Dental Treats

* Antioxidant Health Bars (great for skin and coat problems too) 

* Porky Puffs (great tasting natural chewies) 


And Check Out the New All Natural

Low Fat Healthy Hearts Treats

Annie (head goat in charge of looking for holes in the fences) would follow Dave down main street to get some of these Low Fat Treats. And in fact when the goats do get out, Dave takes a handful of these delicious tasting Low Fat Dog Treats and "bribes" the goats to come back in....they follow him every time.

Dave thinks Annie deliberately gets out so she can get a treat......

You might think we're nuts, but dogs just love to get these Low Fat Dog Treats to munch on. And they are so good for them.

Treats make Excellent Christmas or birthday gifts, or just for a unique "surprise" gift for your friends who have pets.

So pamper your pet and give them some healthy treats today:

Treats for Dogs & Cats Go Here

Your furry friends on the Net, Tippy & Alfred, Miss Pretty Baby Kitty, Turbo and Annie

PS: Tippy & Alfred wanted you to know that there is a minimum shipping charge on the treats, so why not add a bag of the food or bottle of supplements to your order. The shipping will be the same.

PPS: All of HealthyPetNet's products carry a 30 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied! (minus tax & shipping)


Treat your Dog to Better Health Naturally
with Antioxidant Health Bars

Free radicals are extremely reactive chemicals. They are
produced within the body and are by-products of normal daily
biochemical reactions. They are also produced outside
the body and are by-products of the normal every day environment
like chemical flea and tick products, heavy metals, parasites,
drugs, ultraviolet rays, house and garden pesticides, bacteria,
fungus and more.

Did you know over 1 million free radicals can be ingested
in one breadth?

Free radicals can wreak havoc in the body by eating cells,
destroying DNA, proteins, enzymes and depressing the immune system.
Many scientists believe they are the cause of accelerated aging,
cancer and many other diseases.

Purdue Veterinary School data shows that over the last
30 years, 24% of over one million dogs treated were diagnosed
with one or more chronic diseases including cancer and
cardiovascular disease.

We don't want your precious friend to be a "statistic".....
neither do you!

Now you can help protect your friend the Natural way, with these
great tasting Healthy Dog Treats, Exclusively for dogs.

Try them Risk Free online Today!

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