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The Siamese Cat

The Siamese breed is very distinct because of its point
markings. It is an oriental cat and its exact origins are
somewhat of a mystery, although the breed is believed to
have originated in Southeast Asia.

Today the Siamese breed cat became very popular in North
America and Europe. They are thought to be descendants of
sacred temple cats from Siam (now Thailand.) In Thailand
there are several native breeds, called wichien-maat meaning
"moon diamond". This is probably because of their peculiar

The pointed cat is depicted in manuscripts called "Tamra
Maew," meaning cat poems, which have been estimated to be
over four hundred years old. This depiction looks like the
Siamese that is known today.

The first Siamese known to have ventured outside of Thailand
was "Siam," a cat that was a gift to President Rutherford B.
Hayes from the American Consul in Bangkok. Siamese arrived
in the United Kingdom six years later when British Consul-
General in Bangkok Edward Blencowe Gould brought a breeding
pair of Siamese, Pho and Mia, back to the UK for his sister
Lilian Jane Velvey. She went on to found the Siamese Cat
Club in 1901.

In 1885 these two Siamese where shown in the London's
Crystal Palace Show. They made a big impression on the
onlookers. Pho and Mia had three kittens, but they all died
shortly after the show. It is unknown why the kittens died.

In 1898, Wankee, born in Hong Kong, became the first United
Kingdom Siamese Champion. More Siamese were imported by Mrs.
Vyvyan and her sister in 1886.

Compared to the favored Persian the Siamese was long and
lanky with a small head and large ears. Their coloring also
pronounced them as something out of the ordinary in the
United Kingdom. Some people considered Siamese cats to be
unnatural looking because of the drastic difference in the
Siamese breed compared to the Persian.

But the Siamese gathered a loyal following and a breeding
pool was formed. All of the foundation stock of this breed
in the United Kingdom was imported from Siam. In the early
days in the United Kingdom the Siamese was touted as being
the "Royal Cat of Siam". But there is no historical proof of
such a bloodline of cats having been developed in Thailand,
so the Siamese remains the enigmatic mystery they no doubt
want to be.

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