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One of the Oldest Breeds,

the Siamese Cat

with a Colorful History

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The "Meezer" Siamese
This presentation by: Alfred

The Siamese is an Oriental breed of cat that is distinct and
very recognizable. Their exact origins are unknown but it is
believed that the breed began in Southeast Asia. They are
said to be descendants of the sacred temple cats of Siam
(now called Thailand). The Siamese, or "Wichien-maat" in
their native Thailand, is one of several native cat breeds.
The Siamese cat is one of the most popular breeds of cat in
both Europe and North America.

These cats are one of many cats described and illustrated in
a Siamese manuscript called "Tamra Maew," or "Cat Poems,"
that is estimated to be over three hundred years old.

In 1878 the American Consul to Bangkok gave the US president
Rutherford B. Hayes a gift of a Siamese cat. This cat was
the first documented Siamese to come to the United States.
In 1884 Edward Blencowe Gould, British Consul-General of
Bangkok, brought a pair of Siamese named Mia and Pho home to
England as a gift for his sister. It was she who co-founded
the first Siamese Cat Club in 1901.

In 1885 the British pair of Siamese had three kittens that
were later shown by Veley's at the Crystal Palace. Because
of their distinct appearance and behavior they made a huge
impression on those gathered. Unfortunately all three
kittens died shortly after the show. The cause of their
deaths is unknown.

Originally the Siamese imports were medium-sized, somewhat
long-bodied, muscular cats. They were graceful, with medium
wedge-shaped head and large ears comparatively but still in
proportion to their head. They were somewhat slender but not
extremely. Today the Siamese is dainty, long and svelte with
a narrow wedge-shaped head, long body and very large ears.

The modern breed standard dictates that the Siamese should
be slim, elegant, stylish, flexible and well-muscled. The
head should be triangular with a thin snout. The eyes should
be oblique and almond shaped with ears being thin and large.
The neck, body and tail should all be long. The fur is fine,
soft, tight, glossy, short and be tightly adhered to the
body. The Siamese should always be pointed.

The pointed pattern that is seen on every Siamese is a form
of albinism. All Siamese are born white and as they get
older the warmest places on their body turn darker, creating
the points. Siamese that are kept in warmer climates tend to
be darker than those in cooler climates. At first the
sealpoint coloring was all that was allowed for a Siamese.
Now all point colorations are accepted including chocolate,
lilac and blue.

The modern Siamese are affectionate, active, playful and
intelligent cats. They are well known for their social
natures. Depending on the individual Siamese they may be
outgoing or nervous and sensitive. Those that are nervous
and sensitive do not adapt well to changes. These cats will
often bond with one person and will want to be with the
person all the time. Siamese are very loud and vocal cats
with voices that are low-pitched. Their cry has often been
compared to that of a human baby.
Picture Siamese Cat

Feeding a Royal cat a Royal Food
Dr. Jane Bicks

The Siamese cat, Royalty from Siam, is unquestionably the cat
most likely to want things it's own way - and usually gets it.

Incredibly intelligent, ingenious, agile, and
active, this dauntless, ultrasleek and slender
feline has a mind of it's own, and you never know
what a Siamese Cat will think of next.

To meet it's high energy needs and still retain it's
long lean beauty (a show Siamese must have absolutely
minimum fat and muscle over it's rib cage), this 
cat requires high biological value protein cat food and
balanced fatty acids daily.

Commercial cat foods with a high cereal or carbohydrate 
content should be Avoided, as should raw meat diets
(these can cause muscle flaccidity and hair loss).

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On the other hand, non digestible carbohydrates (fiber)
such as beet pulp or grated carrots, should be
included in your Siamese cat's diet. These will cleanse
intestine walls, preventing bowel problems, and
keep it from getting fat.

If there is a fiber insufficiency, you'll soon find
your genius rectifying it by chewing socks, sweatshirts,
towels and so on. Growing kitty greens could save
you lots of socks.

For a very active Siamese, a little nutritional calming
can be obtained by supplementing the diet with a
balanced Vitamin B complex or 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon brewers 
yeast or torula yeast daily. I give mine chamomile
tea (1/4 teaspoon in it's food); this seems to help
him digest while keeping him calm. I add hops to his
evening meal which allows everyone to sleep during
the night.

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Siamese love to fetch, so make 10 to 20 aluminum balls
and throw them every night. Exercise is a must for
these cats.

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