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Weave Poles, Tire Jump, and Tunnels for Agility


The Table surface dimensions should be thirty-six inches by
thirty-six inches and the table top edge should be three
inches in width. The height of the table must be adjustable
to twelve inches, sixteen inches and twenty-four inches in
height for the Championship Program. For the Performance
Program the table needs to be adjustable to twelve inches
and sixteen inches in height.

Agility Weave Poles

The Weave Poles should have a minimum of five poles and a
maximum of twelve poles. The poles should be a minimum of
three feet in height and diameter of approximately one inch.
The minimum of ten poles are required in standard agility
tests and performance titling classes. Spacing should be
about eighteen to twenty-one inches apart at the base and
not to exceed three and a half inches in width and one inch
in height.

Agility Tire Jump

The aperture or opening of the tire should be seventeen to
twenty inches in diameter. The sidewall of the tire should
be a minimum of four inches in width.

The frame of the Tire Jump should have an eight inch minimum
clearance between the tire and the frame and not extend more
than nine inches beyond the tire plane in either direction.
The top of any cross support beneath the tire should not be
more than four inches above the ground level.

Agility Tunnels

The diameter of the Tunnels is different depending on the
tunnel. The Pipe Tunnel should have a maximum pitch of four
inches with a twenty-four inch diameter and be ten feet in
length minimum to twenty feet in length maximum.

The Collapsed Tunnel should have an opening of eighteen
inches to twenty-four inches and be a minimum of eighteen
inches in length to thirty inches in length maximum.

The Chute fabric weight should not exceed six ounces a
square yard or four hundred and twenty denier. There is a
sixty-five inch minimum circumference where attached to the
entrance and a ninety-six inch circumference on exit of the
Chute. The Chute should be twelve feet in length.

Pipe Tunnels must have no more than four inches of spacing
between wires on the tunnel itself in order to provide
sufficient support for the tunnel. This is called the pitch
of the tunnel so if you intend to order a Pipe Tunnel from a
manufacturer make sure to request a four inch or even three
inch pitch.

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