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The Cool & Exciting

World of Dog Sports


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Welcome to exploring the fascinating and delightful
world of Dog Sports. Dogs love to play and what
better way than through dog sports.

We have information on sports that dogs enjoy here
for you, from Agility to Weiner Dog Racing,
and everything in between.

Watching and participating in dog sports is a total
enjoyment for both owner and dog. There are many
types of sports dogs can enter in and we will go over
them in the various articles listed below.

It's so neat to watch these dogs perform in the various
sports. And the dogs really enjoy doing them. Many dogs
are like athletes and seem to perform better when they
have competition.

Sit back and enjoy learning about the big wide world of
dog sports.


Agility for Dogs

Agility Tips & Tricks

Training a Puppy for Agility

Buja Boards & Perch Training

Agility - See-Saw, Dog Walk, and A-frame

Hurdles, Jumps and Spreads used in Agility:

Weave Poles, Tire Jump, and Tunnels for Agility

Boy Scout Badge for Dog Care

Canine Frisbee

Dalmatians as Firehouse Dogs

Dog Pulling

Dog Exercise

Dog Frisbee - how to train your dog

Guide Dogs

History Seeing Eye Dogs

History Westminster Dog Show

   Awards of the Westminster Dog Show

Service Dogs

Teaching your Dog Tricks

Weiner Dog Racing

Dog Breed Specific Gift Items

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