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Timber or gray wolves sometimes hunt alone, but most
often they hunt in packs. These wolf packs have from
six to twelve wolves which are usually members of
the same family.

Tiber wolves are very good hunters, they are sly,
patient to wait for their prey, they will follow a
herd of other animals for miles waiting for just
the right time to attack, mostly when one or two
of the herd animals lag behind and lose the protection
of the group.

Then when the time is right, the pack will split up
and attack from different sides thus not allowing
the animal a route of escape. Wolves will go after
any animal from a tiny field mouse to animals
as large as moose. See our stuffed moose page for
more info about moose and some really cute stuffed
plush moose! And also our Moose Calendars pages
for some of the coolest moose pictures you've
ever seen. Wolves will store their food in the
deep freeze by burying it under the snow if they
kill more than they can eat at the time.

You will also want to see our stuffed wolf pages for
more information about wolves and where they live and
how they take care of their wolf pups.

Most of those who study the lives of wolves believe
that the male and female wolf mate for life, unless
something happens to either of the mates, then they
will, on occasion find another mate.

Wolf pups learn everything about life from watching
their parents. They learn to hunt and take care
of themselves before they are sent off from the family.

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Tippy & Alfred have never met a real live wolf
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