Stuffed Plush

Moose that are

totally Cute & Adorable

Three different Stuffed Moose for you to choose from
all are simply and totally filled with Fun and Good Times!

Select from the stuffed Holiday Moose or the stuffed
sitting Moose, or the 13 inches long Majestic Moose.

Everyone just seems to have
a love affair with these

glamorous stuffed plush Moose toy animals

13 inches long stuffed plush Moose

Holiday stuffed plush Moose

Stuffed plush sitting Moose

Pamper yourself and get one or more of
these Terrific stuffed Moose toy animals.

Get your stuffed plush Moose
at the Stuffed Ark banner

Stuffed Moose Toy Animal Online Above

Moose are the largest deer weighing up to 1,000
pounds and standing six and a half feet tall at
the shoulders. If the Irish elk were still in
existence, they would be about one third larger
than moose. Their antlers spanned over 13 feet across!

While there is only one true moose in it's species,
they are members of the deer family. Cousins of
moose are the reindeer, caribou, white tailed deer,
mule deer, and European roe deer.

Most deer live in groups or herds, see our
stuffed deer page to find out more about deer. Moose
on the other hand are more solitary creatures preferring
to live life alone, except during the breeding season
or a momma moose tending to her young calves.

During the summer months Moose like to wade into
streams and ponds and other bodies of water to
nibble at the lush vegetation. In the winter
they eat the bark from trees and woody plants.

Male moose have huge antlers which they use to fight
off other males in competition for breeding the
lovely young cows who they would be wooing the
hand of.

Antlers are covered in a soft skin called velvet.
There are many claims in the nutritional world for
a product called Deer Velvet Antler Powder which
is claimed to increase stamina and virility.

This stage of antler growth is when the ingredients
for deer antler velvet powder is harvested. Although
hardly any of the product comes from moose, mostly from
wild deer.

In the third stage of antler growth the velvet dries
up and falls off leaving behind a bony growth. Moose
shed their antlers in December and re-grow them beginning
in the spring.

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