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So Magnificent and Grand,
Plush Stuffed Wolf

Here are some Delightful
Plush Stuffed Wolves including Gray Wolves
and Timber Wolves and Stuffed Wolves that.....

Even Howl at the moon!

Stuffed "Howling" Wolf

Stuffed Gray & Timber Wolves

Stuffed Wolf Cub

Wolf Stuffed Animals will be a Wonderful addition
to your stuffed animal collection!

These Adorably Cute stuffed Wolves will make
really spruce up your den or office and will
look fantastic on beds or just sitting in the corner.

Great for children and adults - they make the perfect gift item

Find out more info about Wolves and how they live below.

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Wolves are the largest of the wild dogs. From the
tip of a wolf's nose to it's tail, a wolf measures
from 4 to 7 feet in length. Very large wolves can
weigh up to 200 pounds!

Wolves are divided into two kinds: the gray or timber
wolf and the red wolf.

Gray wolves may be white or nearly black, but most
are a shade of gray. Red wolves are smaller, more
slender and reddish to blackish in color. They look
and act more like coyotes than like wolves. See
more info about coyotes on our stuffed coyote page.

Gray wolves are found over large areas of Canada,
Alaska and northern Asia. There are a few found in
northern Mexico and in parts of Europe, but they
have disappeared from most of the United States,
mostly due to trapping and hunting of the gray wolf.

Red wolves are found in the Ozark Mountains and in
places in Louisiana and Texas.

Wolves have thick coats of fur and long, bushy tails
which help them keep warm in colder climates. They
have excellent senses of smell and hearing.

Wolves call home a burrow in the ground, whether dug
by other animals or by themselves, although they
prefer to "borrow" an already dug hole, sometimes
they will find a cave to live in.

Wolf pups are born in the burrows in the spring. There
is usually from five to seven pups in a litter. They
are born with deep blue eyes which turn to a yellowish
coloring after about two months. Both mom and dad wolf
take care of the pups. The male guards the burrow and
brings in food while momma tends to the pup's needs
and feeds them. See our Wolf Calendar page for more
info about wolves, the link is below.

Magnificent Wolf Calendars

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