Entertaining and Fun to Have Airedale Terrier Calendars

Just as Airedale Terrier dogs are known for
their Playfulness, so you will Enjoy the Playful
and Amusing pictures on these
Delightful Airedale Terrier Calendars.

These Colorful Airedale Terriers Calendars
make Great Gift Ideas
or.....as a special treat for you.

You'll find a lot more Airedale Terrier gift items, including:
caps, towels, collar and leash sets, decals, leash hooks,
magnets, pillows, socks, stickers, throws, tote bags,
and drinking mugs.

Get your Airedale Terrier gifts today, select any
of the calendars show below

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The Airedale Terrier supposedly came from
the area around Yorkshire, England sometime
in the 19th century. A Black and Tan terrier
was bred with an Otter Hound, and the mix
that came out became known as the Airdale Terrier,
one of the first of the "designer" dog breeds.

Airedale Terriers can be stubborn at times
wanting their way and may challenge their owners.
However they are affectionate, have tons of courage
for a smaller dog, make great watchdogs, and
are good with children.

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