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What Dog Food

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Airedale Terrier Needs

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What Your Airedale Terrier Needs
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Airedales are a breed of Terrier that's tough
and fast enough to hunt leopards, yet gentle enough
to be trained as rescue dogs.

For the Airedale Terrier dog, develop and maintain
that stamina with a high quality protein and
high quality fat.

See my recommendation for the Best Cuisine
for your Airedale Terrier

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Daily brushing can go a long way for this breed,
both for looks and for bonding.

If your young bonding partner is a little too active
for you, give him some chamomile tea or warm milk
with a biscuit before company arrives or before
bed time.

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The Wiry Coated Airedale Terrier
By: Tippy and Alfred

The Airedale Terrier is a large, wiry coated dog with a deep
chest and flat head. Its hair is bristly, harsh and
resistant to dampness.

An Airedale Terrier that conforms to standards will be well
balanced and stand square. They should have very straight
front legs and a level top line. The ears should be v-shaped
and fold forward and to the side slightly. The nose should
be black in color.

The teeth should have either a scissor bite or meet levelly.
The tail is customarily docked and should be carried high.
There should be no curl to the tail at all. The tail, if
left long, should be carried happily erect.

The coat of an Airedale Terrier has a top coat that is tough
and wiry and a soft undercoat. The color of the coat should
be black and tan and can have dark grizzle markings.

It is preferred that the dog be mostly brown with some
black. The head, chest, legs, undersides and ears should all
be tan in color. Sometimes the shoulders are tan as well. A
little bit of red is allowed in the black. They may also
have a white star on the chest.

The height of the dog can be between twenty-two to twenty-
four inches (fifty-six to sixty-one centimeters) and the
female can be twenty-two to twenty-three inches (fifty-six
to fifty-eight and one half centimeters) tall. The male can
weigh up to sixty-five pounds (twenty-nine and one half
kilograms) and the female forty-five pounds (twenty and one
half kilograms).

The Airedale Terrier may have some inherited health problems
but in general they are a very hardy breed. The health
issues that may occur are eye problems, hip dysplasia and
skin infections. These health issues can be mostly averted
with proper breeding, proper diet, exercise and grooming.

If your Airedale has an issue with extremely dry skin then
putting the dog on some omega-6/omega-3 fatty acid will
adjust the fatty acid ratio in its diet and help alleviate
this issue.

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