Fun to Have American Eskimo Dog Calendars

The American Eskimo Dog is bright,
Eager to Please and Loves to have Fun.

So you will find these Cute American Eskimo Dog Calendars
are simply Fun to Have around.

These Colorful American Eskimo Dogs Calendars
are just the absolute best, so full of Love and Happiness.

Life will simply Go Better with an
American Eskimo Dog Calendar
on your wall.

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There are three different sizes of American Eskimo Dogs
toy, miniature and standard. They are
affectionately known as "Eskies".

American Eskimo Dogs don't really have much to
do with Eskimos. They were bred from Spitz dogs
of Germany or Norway and Pomeranians, Keeshonds
and the Volpino Italiano.
All American Eskimo Dogs have the pure white colored
coat or a white with biscuit cream.

While American Eskimo Dogs make good pets, they
are not at their best around children and strangers.
They do get along well enough with other dogs
and pets.

American Eskimo Dogs enjoy learning. They are
very good at obedience training and learning how
to do tricks and seem to enjoy "showing off"
on occasion. American Eskimo Dogs have been
used for circus dogs and on stage because of their
ability to perform on command.

In fact, many of the Eskimo dogs around now
had their origins in America as people saw them
in the circus and left with a puppy in their hands.

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"A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around
three times before lying down."
~Roger Caras ~

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