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Pomeranian Breed of Dog

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The Pomeranian - The Little Dog that Thinks it's a Person
Tippy & Alfred

The Pomeranian is active, affectionate, alert, docile, eager
to learn, independent, inquisitive, intelligent, and loyal
to its family and owner. Pomeranians are primarily a
companion and show dog.

What makes a "Pom" different from most toy breed dogs is its
liveliness and spirit, and often people who don't usually
like toy breed dogs will like Pomeranians. Usually they get
along with other household pets and dogs when properly
introduced. The Pomeranian is quick to alert and makes a
great watch dog.

These dogs can become yappy so it is important that you
correct the dog when it starts making more of a fuss then
needed. Warning you that there is someone at the door is
fine, but when told to be quiet the dog should be quiet. Be
very consistent about this or the dog may simply ignore you.

This breed is somewhat independent and doesn't tend to be
over possessive of its owners like some toy breed dogs.
These dogs are known to be the most independent of the toy
breed dogs, and when training your Pomeranian you should use
firm, gentle guidance. These dogs are not recommended for
families with small or unruly children.

Pomeranians love being the center of attention and enjoy
doing tricks. The Pomeranian is known to be great at
agility, performing tricks and as a watchdog. They also make
great circus performers.

The Pomeranian can reach seven to twelve inches in height
and weigh between three to seven pounds. They have a life
expectancy of around fifteen years.

The Pomeranian breed has had health problems with dislocated
patella, early loss, eye infections, heart problems, slipped
stifle, skin irritations and tooth decay. Experts recommend
that Pomeranians be fed dry dog food or crunchy milk bones
every day in order to keep the gums and teeth in good

Newborn Pomeranian puppies are very fragile and tiny and
three newborns can fit in the palm of a human hand. Female
dogs that are small often have to deliver by cesarean
section. When the dog becomes old it may start showing bald
spots. Also, when improperly fed the Pomeranian can become a
picky eater, so be sure to only feed it dog food and not
table scraps.

The Pomeranian dog is great in an apartment setting and is
very active indoors. They do fine with a yard to play around
in. Because of the thick coat, be careful that these dogs do
not overheat in hot weather. Pomeranians do need a daily
walk to take care of the canine physical and psychological
needs. In a safe, secure area they will enjoy playing around
off the leash.

The Pomeranian has a double coat that is long and should be
brushed frequently. Brushing back from the head, parting the
coat, brush it forward and it will fall neatly back into
place. The task does take time but it is relatively easy to

The cottony textured undercoat is shed twice a year. Dry
shampoo your Pomeranian only when necessary. Wipe the ears
and eyes with a damp cloth daily and be sure to get the
dog's teeth checked regularly. The Pomeranian sheds all the
time so it is not a good breed for allergy sufferers.

Pomeranian Dog

Some Extra Health Care Tips for a Pomeranian
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Pomeranian looks like a small fox.

This witty, alert dog has much the same nutritional
needs as the Pekinese.

An alternative professional food with a vegetable
enzyme added is a must for good skin and coat health.

See my Ideal Choice for the Ultimate Dining
Cuisine for your Pomeranian here

Healthy eyes require daily cleaning and antioxidants
included in the diet.

Ester C and bee pollen should be given to allergic dogs.

If he gets too vocal for you, try a natural calming

Our Recommendation for a Natural & Safe Pet
Relaxant for your Pomeranian

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