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Getting a handle

on Bloat in Dogs

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Bloat and Digestive Trauma in Dogs
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Simply stated, bloat in dogs is a digestion related trauma that
can lead to death. It occurs most often in large and giant dogs
or deep-chested dogs, but can occur in other breeds.

This complex disease consists of one or more components.

First, the dog's stomach fills with gas and expands. A dog
with this first component will belch, pass wind, vomit, and
be unsettled due to the discomfort. The gas filled stomach can
then twist, cutting off circulation to the stomach and creating
a life threatening trauma.

Causes of bloat in dogs

Genetic predisposition; overeating; fast eating, which results
in the dog's gulping air; exercise on a full stomach; too much
water at one time; calcium supplementation, which causes the
stomach to empty slower than usual.

Prevention of bloat in dogs

Don't supplement with calcium. Free feed, portion control,
or at least two meals daily. Feed a high quality food so that
the quantity is limited. (See Below for my recommendations)

No physical activity until at least an hour after meals. Give
access to fresh water at all times. No competitive feeding.
Feed dogs from dishes that are shoulder height so that they
don't have to raise and lower their heads, which increases
the amount of air they consume.

Common myths about bloat in dogs

It was once thought that foods containing a high quantity of
cereal, including soy, created bloat because of the fermentation. It
was also thought that dry food expands in the stomach,
so moistening it or feeding canned was better.

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