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Bouvier Des Flandres

The Bouvier is an impressive and powerful dog with a very
heavy coated beard, head and mustache. The shaggy eyebrows
and thick beard give this dog breed a distinctive look.

The Bouvier has dark brown oval shaped eyes that have an
affectionate, bold and lively expression. The ears are
triangular and erect and in some countries may be cropped to
a point. The muzzle is broad and strong and slightly tapers
to a black nose. The teeth should come together in a
scissors bite.

The length of the body from the point of the shoulder to the
rump should be the same as the height of the dog from the
ground to the withers. This gives the dog a square looking
profile. The forelegs are perfectly straight and muscular.
The chest is deep and broad. The tail is often docked, but
in some European countries docking and cropping are illegal.

The double coat of this dog is distinctive looking. The
outer coat is dry, harsh, rough and shaggy to the touch. It
approximately feels like steel wool. The undercoat is dense
and the entire coat is weather proof.

The coat comes in colors of black, blonde, brindle, fawn and
gray. In the show ring solid black is not favored but is
accepted. Dogs that have blonde coats are not accepted into
the show ring at all. The American Kennel Club allows for
some white marking on the chest. The Belgian Bouvier Des
Flandres dogs usually are somewhat lighter and smaller than
the Dutch bloodlines of this breed.

The Bouvier des Flandres is a pleasant, obedient dog. As far
as appearances go they do look intimidating but this is
actually a false impression. They are gentle, calm dogs that
are enthusiastic, even-tempered, fearless and responsible.
They are easy to train and make excellent guard dogs and

This dog breed can learn commands relatively fast, though
not as quickly as the German Shepherd. They require training
that is consistent and well balanced. They have wonderful
memories and once they learn a command or trick they will
remember it for life.

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