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The Boxer Dog

The Boxer is a curious, energetic, happy, high-spirited,
playful dog that has high intelligence and is quick and
eager to learn. For competitive obedience this dog breed is
a good choice. The Boxer bonds closely to its family. They
are affectionate and loyal and get along great with

The Boxer is the descendent of German mastiff-type dogs
called the Bullenbeiszer and the Barenbeiszer. In later
years they were crossed with the Bulldog and Mastiff.
Earlier these dogs where prized for their bull baiting and
hunting skills and for the ability to pull carts like a
draft animal. Later the Boxer became a cattle dog and was
used to help round up livestock. They were and are also
popular theater dogs and circus dogs because they obey
willingly and learn tricks so easily.

Some of the Boxer breed's talents include: Competitive
Obedience, guarding, military work, performing tricks,
police work, Schultzhund, Search and Rescue, and watchdog.

Breeders of the Boxer breed for two types of Boxer; The
American Boxer and the German Boxer. The German Boxer is
usually more muscular with a bigger head than the American

The Boxer is a dog with a powerful, compact body and a close
fitted, shiny coat that can come in colors of white, fawn,
brindle, and various shades of red. Usually these dogs have
white markings as well. Some Kennel Clubs do not accept all-
white Boxers and the dog can't be registered with them.

The head of the Boxer should be proportion to its body and
should be unwrinkled and lean in appearance. The lower jaw
curves inward and extends beyond the top jaw. When the mouth
is closed neither teeth nor tongue should show. The eyes are
dark and the nose is black and large with very open

The neck should be muscular, round and strong with no
dewlap. The body should have a square look. The tail should
be carried high. The front legs are supposed to be parallel
and straight.

Traditionally the Boxer's tail is docked. Cropping the ears
of a Boxer is optional. Docking and cropping are illegal in
some countries so be sure to check your country's laws
before cropping or docking your Boxer's ears or tail.

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