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Majestic Mastiff

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The Powerful yet Gentle Mastiff - the Great Protector
Tippy & Alfred wrote this article on Mastiffs

The Mastiff is a massive, muscular, powerful dog. Originally
this dog was prized for its abilities as a fierce, fighting
dog. Today the Mastiff is a wonderful gentle giant companion
dog. Mastiffs are dignified, intelligent, patient, self-
confident and watchful. This dog breed very rarely barks but
they are protective of their family.

These dogs are wonderful with children although they aren't
recommended to be around small children and babies because
of their massive size. They are a calm, docile and steady
dog with a good nature even though they are very large. They
respond best to gentle patient training from their owners.

The breed line from which you get your dog will determine
the dog's dominance. Different lines have been bred for
guarding, for pets or for show. Carefully investigate the
lineage of a puppy before you choose your Mastiff.

Your Mastiff will look to you as the leader and wants you to
be the leader. Be sure to socialize your dog well with both
people and strangers from early puppy hood so that it will be
friendly rather than reserved.

This dog is a born protector and Mastiffs make great guard
dogs. They are brave and loyal but in general they do not
attack, rather they will hold intruders at bay. Training to
protect isn't necessary as it is an inborn instinct in this
dog breed. The Mastiff has been and still is employed as a
guard, military, police, search and rescue, watchdog and
weight pulling dog.

The male dog stands tall at thirty inches in height and
weighs one hundred and sixty pounds. The female reaches up
to twenty-seven inches in height and weighs around one
hundred fifty pounds. One of the heaviest Mastiffs on record
was a male that was known to exceed two hundred pounds. The
Mastiff usually lives between ten to twelve years.

This dog breed, like nearly all large dogs, is susceptible
to Hip Dysplasia. There are also issues with Bloat;
therefore it is best to feed this dog two to three small
meals a day rather than one large one. Many owners say that
feeding your dog from a raised dish also helps to prevent
bloat. Some Mastiffs are also susceptible to CHD, Ectropion,
elbow dysplasia, gastric torsion, PPM, PRA,
hyperplasia and sometimes cardiomyopathy.

With enough exercise the Mastiff can live well in an
apartment. They are not active indoors but will do best with
a small yard to play around in. Mastiffs have a tendency to
be lazy so you will have to motivate your dog to play and
exercise. Obesity in dogs, as in humans, leads to many
serious health problems.

A long daily walk with you will satisfy your dog's physical
and psychological needs. Be sure to use good leash etiquette
and teach the dog from an early age to walk correctly on
leash. Constantly reinforce the training to maintain your
leadership and avoid being dragged down the street.

The Mastiff is a dog with a short-haired smooth coat that is
easy to groom. Once or a few times per week, brush your dog
with a firm bristle brush and then wipe the dog with a
chamois to give the coat a healthy shine. Bathe or dry
shampoo only when necessary. This dog breed sheds averagely.


Good Nutrition for your Beloved Mastiff
is Not Just about Food

Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

This giant short haired, the Mastiff, makes a wonderful
pet, but is not without it's problems, which include:
bone and heart disease, bloat, and ear infections.

Food must consist of a high quality alternative 
professional food, with the addition of alfalfa and
torula yeast added.

The alfalfa serves as an antioxidant and supports
normal bone growth, and the yeast will add the needed
nutrients for the heart.

Precautions against bloat are imperative.
See How to Prevent Bloat in your Mastiff here

Puppies less than 2 years of age must be kept thin
with steady exercise that does not include jumping.

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