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Proper Guidance on

Boxer Dog Care

& Nutrition Needs

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How you can Expertly Care & Feed your Boxer Dog
By: Tippy

There are some major genetic problems that can occur in the
Boxer dog breed that include heart problems like
Cardiomyopathy, sub-aortic Stenosis and thyroid issues. Skin
allergies are also an issue with some Boxers. Sometimes
Boxers are vulnerable to hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Be
careful about the breeder from whom you buy your dog. Make
sure that there is a veterinarian certificate and a
guarantee against genetic diseases.

Studies show that this breed, after eight years of age, has
a higher probability of getting a tumor compared to other
breeds. Boxers also sometimes have a problem with allergies.
The dogs may snore or drool and have excessive gas. Some
white Boxers may be prone to deafness.

With enough exercise most Boxers can do fine in an
apartment. They are active indoors and an average sized yard
will be a plus for both the dog and for you. Boxers do
become chilled easily and have issues with hot weather so
they do better in a temperate climate.

The Boxer dog is an active, athletic breed that needs daily
mental and physical tasks and exercise. They also need a
long daily walk to take care of their psychological and
physical needs. Boxers enjoy play time with their masters,
such as fetching a ball or other toy. Without proper
exercise the breed has been known to become high strung.

A Boxer that is properly socialized and brought up properly
gets along fine with cats and dogs. Smaller animals may
prove to be too much temptation to the Boxer so you must
watch the dog closely around small animals. They can be
taught to "leave it" but it is still recommended that you
not leave the Boxer alone with small animals for long

You will be required to be the leader of the family with
this dog. Your Boxer will look to you for training, behavior
and rules. The rules should be clear and never be broken.
Those that are meek towards their Boxers will find that this
dog will become stubborn and irrepressible. Like many other
dog breeds, if a Boxer doesn't look to its owner as the
leader it may become boisterous, demanding, hard to control
and sneaky.

You will also have to teach this dog to not play dominance
games with other dogs. While they are no long wildly dog
aggressive, remember that they came from fighting breeds.
Dominance games should be discouraged and immediately
addressed in a calm, confident and firm manner.

Boxer Dog

Boxers: Doggies just as Sweet as a Shiny New Oldsmobile
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

Sometimes you wonder if a clown isn't hiding
under the all the Boxer's muscle and muzzle.

Exercise and a high quality protein and fat
food are musts.

See what I would provide my Boxer with
for a Healthy, Nutritious Dining Experience

Quality Food for Boxer Dogs Here

If necessary during the winter, add a fatty acid
coat and skin supplement.

What you can do to help Skin and Coat problems

Since cancer seems to be more common in this breed,
the addition of wheat or barley grass or another
antioxidant is essential.

My Recommendation for a Natural Healthy Treat for Boxer Dogs

Great Tasting Boxer Treats

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