Amusing and Joyful Boyd's Bears Calendars

These Colorful Boyd's Bears Calendars
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Boyds Bears

The founders of the Boyds Bears company are Gary M.
Lowenthal and wife Justina Unger. They were owners of a
profitable antique shop but had difficulty maintaining an
inventory of well priced antiques so they started selling
antique reproductions. These included duck decoys and some
other profitable reproductions.

In 1984 they started making sculptures out of resin that
they called "The Gnomes Homes," a line of miniature houses.
Their first bear was for a couple's newborn son named

Shortly thereafter they began making stuffed bears that
eventually were called "Boyds Bears". They were named Boyds
because they came from Boyds, Maryland. These bears and
rabbits became a huge success and in 1993 Boyd's Bears
introduced resin bears as well. Now Boyds distributes
several product lines but the stuffed bears remain the top

The Boyds have a loyal following who call themselves the
"Loyal Order of Friends of Boyds!" that was founded in 1996.
They require a $29.99 USD fee for membership. You also
receive a kit that includes a bag, bear, bearstone and
bearware member pin. You also get news, updates, special
collector's items and catalog.

The Boyds have won a lot of awards for their products in
doll and toy collectible circles. Some of the awards include
the Golden Teddy Awards, National Association of Limited
Edition Dealers Achievement Awards, Doll of the Year Awards
and Teddy Bear of the Year Awards.

Most of the Boyd products are sold through collectible and
gift stores like Hallmark. They did have their own store in
Pigeon Forge, TN but the location was closed in 2007. You
can still buy their products via the Internet and through
independent retailers.

Boyds Bears are adorable individual bears that each has
their own personality. They are highly collectible and many
people collect Boyds products. These are the type of
collectibles that do grow in value over time and are well
worth collecting.

Every Boyd's Bears Calendar you get will
be full of Delightful pictures of your favorite
Boyd's Bears in clever poses

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Boyds Bears and Friends Calendars

Our Boyd's Bears Calendars and Boyd's Bear Wall Calendars....
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person who is a fan of the Boyd's Bears

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