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You'll be Putting on

the Ritz with these

Stuffed Plush Bears

Please Help us Stop

Animal Abuse with

a Gift of One Dollar

Magnificent and Grand are these Exceptionally
Soft and Cute Stuffed Plush Bears that
will provide you with hours of endless Entertainment!

So Dashing and Grandiose

Stuffed Plush Bears

Your kids and family will Cherish for years to come

5 and 2 inches high Stuffed Plush Bear toy animals

Stuffed Plush Mama Bear & her Cub

Floppy plush stuffed Forest Bear 19 inches high

Soft & So Huggable plush stuffed Bear toy animals
that no one can resist, they are Simply Adorable

These Amazingly Delightful stuffed Bears will make a
Heart Warming gift for that special person in your life.....

Brighten and Cheer up someone with the gift of
a Stuffed Plush Bear


Very Affordable Pricing - your order will be Shipped Promptly

We also carry many more stuffed bears including:

Stuffed Grizzly Bears
Stuffed Pandas
Stuffed Panda Bears
Stuffed Koalas
Stuffed Koala Bears
Stuffed Black Bears
Stuffed Teddy Bears
Stuffed Polar Bears

Some Interesting Stuff about Bears:

Bears hibernate or sleep because there isn't enough
food during the winter to eat. Bears find themselves
a cave, hollow tree, or dig a hole for a place to
bed themselves down for their long winter's nap.
Their metabolism burns the fat in their body slowly
over the winter for energy to survive.

However, bears are not true hibernators like some
animals that never wake up during the winter. Bears
will wake up and start feeding if warm weather comes
during the winter. Their thick coat helps to preserve
body heat during hibernation.

Bears love to eat sweet things, honey is one of the
sweetest tasting things there is for a bear. A bear
will search for honey by using it's sense of smell.
Then when they find the hive, they use their paws
to scoop out the honey. Because of the thickness of
their paws and fur, they are protected from bee stings.

A number of different kinds of bears inhabit various
parts of the world. The Great White Sea Bear lives in
the areas around the Arctic Ocean, it is a type of
polar bear.

The spectacled bear has whitish rings around it's eyes
and lives in the Andes Mountains of South America.

There are many verities of brown bears which live in
the mountains of Europe and Asia. Also in Asia are
found the Himalayan black bear which has a mane
similar to the mane on a lion. The sloth bear of India
and Ceylon eats insects and Malayan Sun Bear.

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