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Dog Agility Contests - Buja Boards and Perch Training

Buja Board

Buja boards are made with a plywood board thirty-six by
thirty-six inches (91.44 centimeters by 91.44 centimeters)
that has a painted or covered surface to avoid splintering.
The Buja board is place on top of a box with a ball inside
that allows the board to gently rock from side to side. The
entire contraption should be low to the ground so that the
puppy can reach it easily.

You can start Buja Board training by rewarding your puppy
for putting a paw on the board, then both paws, then all
four paws. This will take time and patience so be prepared.
Remember to offer a lot of praise and treats when your puppy
manages to accomplish putting even a paw on the board.

If the puppy is uncomfortable with the Buja board, don't
push it, you don't want to be training the pup to jump off
of the board but to happily step on it. Try putting the
puppy's food and water dishes on a similar piece of wood and
feeding it on the board for a few days. Eventually put
something under the board to lift it up and teeter it just a
few inches.

Continue to feed on the board for a few more days. Gradually
add more height to the balance object until it is about two
inches (five centimeters) high. After the puppy is
comfortable with the board, try walking it across the board,
etc. until it seems comfortable with the process.

You want to work up to getting the puppy to stand still on
the board. But moving surfaces sometimes frighten dogs. The
dog and its individual temperament will determine how long
this particular training will take. Sometimes months or even
years will be needed to get your puppy fully comfortable
with this exercise.

Perch Training

You can also teach your puppy Perch training. Perch training
uses a one foot by one foot (30.48 centimeters by 30.48
centimeters) wooden bar that is raised up by two by four
blocks underneath so that the perch is about four inches
(ten centimeters) off of the ground.

Perch training teaches your puppy about rear-end awareness.
You start much the same as the Buja board with one paw and
then two. Remember to reward and praise your pup when it
accomplishes putting both paws on the perch.

When training your puppy for agility training, teaching it
that different surfaces, shapes and heights are nothing to
be afraid of will cut down on training time in the future.
This gives your puppy confidence that will carry through to

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