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Preventing & Treating

Canine Hookworms

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Hookworms in Dogs what you can do to prevent and Treat
By: Tippy

How to prevent an infection of Hookworms

If you have regular deworming done when you give your dog
its rabies shot this is often enough to kill the hookworms
that may be residing in your dog's intestines. The
medication that is given to your dog is enough to kill
hookworm at all stages of development including when the dog
is first infected.

You can also help to prevent canine hookworm infection by regularly
washing your hands especially after disposing of feces.
Hygiene is the most effective method of preventing the
spread of parasites, germs and disease. Keep your house
clean, dispose of feces properly and wash your hands.

Never take your dog to an unsanitary park and if you prepare
any meat for your dog, make sure that it is well cooked.
Keep your dog kennel dry and clean and if you use bleach
when mopping you can kill any larvae that may be around
waiting to infect your dog.

It is very important that you do what it takes to prevent
hookworms because this parasite also infects humans.
Deworming and having annual checkups with your veterinarian
for your dog is a good way to make sure that your household
stays parasite free.

If you get a new puppy, in most cases it has already been
dewormed before you brought it home. But remember to get a
deworming history for the puppy or dog that you bring home
before taking it home. If there isn't one or you are unsure
that the dog is uninfected, then you should get it dewormed
and have it immunized before you bring it home.

Medicines used to treat Hookworm

Pyrantel Pamoate is effective in getting rid of hookworms
and can be found in Drontal, Nemex and Strongid. T.
Fenbendazole and Mebendazole are also effective in treating
parasitic hookworms. These medicines are absorbed into the
gastro intestinal tract and they kill all hookworms that
happen to be there.

After thirty days another treatment will be necessary to
kill any hookworms that were in transition while the first
treatment was going on. Always talk to your veterinarian
before using any medications or products on your dog that
are used to treat parasites. Parasites react differently to
different medications.

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