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How to prevent Dog Dental Disease & Dog Dental Care

Canine Periodontal Disease
By: Tippy

Canine Periodontal Disease is a growing and serious problem
for domestic dogs. Dogs don't get cavities like humans do,
but they do get tartar that pushes debris down under the gum
line causing gum disease. The resulting infection causes
tooth pain, withdrawal of the gums and loss of teeth. It
also weakens the dog's immune system and causes infection
after infection below the gum line.

How can you stop Periodontal Disease from affecting your
dog? Simple, brush your dog's teeth regularly and get the
dog checkups from a veterinarian who specializes in dog
dental care to have its teeth cleaned when needed.

Most veterinarians recommend that your dog be put under
anesthesia while its teeth are being cleaned. Anesthesia
isn't as risky as it used to be and it is unlikely that your
veterinarian is suggesting this without a reason. Most
likely your dog already has Periodontal Disease if your
veterinarian suggests that your dog's teeth be cleaned.

The dog food that we humans feed our dogs isn't close to the
natural diet the dog would be eating in the wild. The result
is that the dog food sticks to your dog's teeth, causing
bacteria growth and eventually the bacteria causes
infections in the teeth, gums, ligaments and tissues
surrounding the mouth and teeth.

In some cases the gum disease is so bad that tooth
extraction is necessary to treat the problem. Then the gum
and surrounding tissue needs to be kept disinfected so that
the infection can heal. Dental work for your dog is
necessary and if you do not take care of your dog's teeth it
may end up with Periodontal Disease or worse.

Infections in the teeth and gums have been known to lead to
infections in the heart, liver or kidneys. Such infections
can also contribute to malaise, lethargy, chronic pain,
autoimmune disease, a shortened lifespan, loss of the
ability to smell, untypical aggression, serious weight loss,
skin problems, and even death.

Canine Periodontal Disease is a serious problem that is
growing more and more common in domestic dogs as the years
go by. As pet dogs' diets stray farther and farther from the
natural diet of their wild wolf cousins dogs show increasing
difficulties and genetic weakness. Not only are dogs getting
Periodontal Disease but a whole host of other problems that
stem from this disease. Thus it has become increasingly
important to brush your dog's teeth every day to avoid
Periodontal Disease.

Dog Dental Disease can be dangerous to your dog's health.

We highly recommend Our Pet Dental Care Products
to be used as a part of a complete oral health program.

Remember this about Canine Dental Disease

Gum disease begins with the formation of plaque, a sticky film of
bacteria that forms in the mouth at the gum line.

Plaque hardens into tartar which harms the gums causing them to
become red and swollen, known as gingivitis.

If left untreated, gingivitis will lead to gum and peridontal
disease. This can lead to infections of the bone that hold the teeth
in place, resulting in loss of bone, which can cause the teeth to fall out.

Dogs 3 years and older have
an 85% chance of getting some form of gum disease

Take steps now to help prevent this from happening:

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