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A Bit about Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dogs

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is an intelligent, loving, loyal,
obedient, protective, robust and steady dog. They can be
wary of strangers that come over to your home. This dog
should be socialized well and at as young an age as

Corgis are extremely active dogs that are devoted to their
families. They are also good and considerate of children so
long as they see themselves as dogs and not above humans.
They are good show and obedience dogs as well as great guard
dogs. Cardigan Welsh Corgis are known to be more territorial
than their cousins the Pembroke Corgis.

Until about seventy years ago the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and
the Pembroke Welsh Corgi were considered to be the same
breed. The actual origin of the Corgi is much debated and
there are no clear answers as to their origin. Some believe
that they were descendants of the Swedish Vallhunds that
Vikings brought to Wales in the seventh century.

Another theory is that the Cardigan was brought to Wales by
the Celts in twelve hundred B.C. and is actually an older
variety than the Pembroke. The name "Corgi" is from the
Celtic word for dog. The breed is listed in the Domesday
Book (1086). It was developed in Cardiganshire, Wales.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a cattle driver, farm guard and
vermin hunter. They drive cattle by nipping at the cows'
heels and barking. The small stature actually helps in not
being kicked by cattle because they can roll out of the way.
Corgis still have this rolling habit and it is displayed
when they play with each other.

Until the 1930s the Cardigan and Pembroke varieties
interbred frequently. After that time the breed was
separated and bred for certain characteristics that each
breed now maintains. Primarily today the Cardigan Welsh
Corgi is a companion dog.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a low, long dog with a broad
flat skull, very erect ears bigger than the Pembroke and a
low set, long tail. They tend to be heavier than their
cousins the Pembroke Corgis. They have a deep chest,
straight top line and prominent breastbone. The front feed
turn outwards slightly. They shouldn't be coarse but
relatively heavy boned in the front assembly.

Dewclaws should be removed. The color of the eyes are dark
and should somewhat match the coat color. In blue merles,
blue eye coloring is allowed. The teeth should come together
in a scissors bite. They have a double coat with an outer
coat of medium length harsh fur and an undercoat of dense
soft fur. There is more hair around the ruff, underside of
the tail and back of the legs. Colors are black & brindle,
black & tan, black, blue merle, brindle, red and sable,
often with white markings.

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