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Welsh Corgi

The Little Dog

with a Ton of Talents

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Welsh Corgi - The Celtic Dog
By: Tippy

The Welsh Corgi is an able, highly intelligent, loyal and
willing dog that wants to please its owners. The Corgi is an
extremely active dog that is good with children as long as
the dog has been well socialized to children and the
children know how to be dominant over the dog. Corgis make
fine guards as they are protective and sturdy. They also do
very well in obedience and as show dogs.

The Corgi should be socialized well because they tend to be
wary of strangers. Training should start as young as
possible. When training this dog you need to take a
consistent, determined and loving approach, showing calm but
firm leadership. Proper communication between you and your
Corgi is essential.

The Welsh Corgi was bred to herd cows and it sometimes has
issues with nipping at people's heels, this behavior should
be corrected and be trained out of them. The Corgi tends to
bark quite a bit and makes a good watchdog. This behavior is
fine to alert you that there is something you need to know
but you will need to train your puppy that when you tell the
dog to hush it should be quiet. Aggressiveness to other dogs
should be corrected. Usually the Corgi is good with other
household pets.

The Welsh Corgi male stands at only a height of ten to
twelve inches but weighs between twenty-five and thirty
pounds. The female can reach a height of ten to twelve
inches and weigh between twenty-four and twenty-eight
pounds. They have a life expectancy of twelve to fifteen
years on average.

The Corgi breed is susceptible to back disorders, glaucoma
and PRA. They gain weight easily, so do not overfeed, if
they get overweight it can cause back problems. The Corgi is
a naturally active little dog that should be played with and
encouraged to exercise. They need to be taken on a daily
walk to take care of their physical and psychological needs.
Be sure to train proper leash training when walking this
dog, it should learn to be under control even when a chasing
temptation presents itself or a stranger comes by.

The Welsh Corgi does well in an apartment when given enough
exercise. With enough exercise they will be calm indoors
though they are still active. With no exercise they are very
active and if left alone for long periods unexercised they
may be destructive. They will do fine with a yard to play in
so long as they are also taken on a daily walk.

The medium-length, soft, water-resistant coat is easy to
groom. Brush with a firm bristle brush or comb regularly.
Bathe this dog only when necessary. This breed sheds twice a

Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi - more Tips and Hints for Proper Care
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Whether you have a Cardigan or a Pembroke Corgi,
chances are that their short legs, long body, and
fairly maintenance free coat made you fall in love.

The can become destructive when left alone for
long periods of time - after all, they were bred 
to work.

Interactive toys, free feeding, and an herbal
calmer are useful substitutes for work.

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