Cute as Can Be Chow Chow
Calendars You will Idolize

Chow Chows are one Dandy breed of dog. Now you can
Celebrate this wonderful dog every day of the year
with these Magnificent Chow Chow dog Calendars.

These Cute as brown butter buttons Chow Chow Calendars
are really cool items to give as presents to those you
really care about, and they make Excellent items for
door prizes for the dog show or club meetings, or they
would look Exceptional hanging on your wall or on
your desk at home or work to give you a Cheerful
outlook on your day.

So put some sunshine and Cheer into your day and order a
Chow Chows Calendar.

Chow Chow Calendars

Chow Chow Dogs - Health and Personality

The Chow Chow may suffer from several hereditary diseases
including Entropion, eye irritation, eyelid abnormality and
hip dysplasia. Other than the risk of these diseases they
are in general healthy, happy dogs.

The real issue is with this breed's psychological health.
Chow Chows need a strong natural authority to be their
"pack" leader. A meek person will probably not be able to
control this dog.

Because of their guarding heritage, Chows tend to be bossy
and independent in the best of circumstances and will have
no problem usurping a human's position if the human allows

The Chow Chow tends to be a one person dog though loyal to
their entire family, but they also tend to be more reserved
than some breeds even with the person they determine to be
their master. Chow Chows tend to be serious and watchful
dogs and are well suited to mature owners.

If your Chow Chow is allowed to think that it is the leader
of the household, it will become bossy, protective, serious
and willful. It will also continue to work to maintain the
position that it believes it holds independently from you.
This type of behavior leads to all kinds of psychological
problems for the dog that have nothing to do with its actual

If a Chow believes that it must be the pack leader, the dog
isn't doing this to be mean to the family; instead it is
trying to maintain its position in order to protect the
family. But in the process it may become aggressive,
obstinate and over-protective or even dangerous to visitors,
so careful socialization and obedience training from
puppyhood are therefore required to give a Chow Chow dog a
healthy psychology and allow it to be a useful member of the

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