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Suggestions on the

Chow Chow's

Home Care

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The Chow Chow - a Veterinarian's Recommendations
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

With it's blue tongue, massive layers of fur,
and reputation as a quality guardian and friend, the
Chow Chow is very popular despite the maintenance involved.

One Chow owner said that if it wasn't for brewer's yeast
and garlic, flea control would be impossible.

Feeding a high quality protein and fat dog food with
the addition of vegetable enzymes will help promote
a healthy coat with less shedding.

What I would Feed my Chow Chow

See my Choice for a Savory Treat
your Chow Chow will find a Delicacy

Chow Chow

Care, Grooming and Feeding for Your Chow Chow Dog
By: Tippy and Turbo

Chow Chow dogs need regular maintenance of their lion-like
coat. Regular daily brushing is required to maintain the
long coat. While brushing, the fur should be lifted to make
the fur stand out. This breed is a heavy shedder seasonally
and extra care should be taken when the dense undercoat is
being shed. Use dry shampoo on the dog's coat only when

The Chow Chow's coat is one of the breed's distinguishing
characteristics and part of the breed's appeal to the Chow
Chow's owners. They don't need much cutting or trimming, but
they do need a couple of hours of thorough brushing, bathing
and nail cutting at regular intervals to maintain their

Grooming of your Chow Chow should begin as soon as you bring
it home no matter the age. Chow Chows have a high opinion of
themselves and are inherently clean. This dog likes to look
its best and regular grooming helps maintain its regal
attitude. Grooming is also a great time to bond with your

Grooming tools that will stand up to the rigor of daily
grooming are needed for this dog. Low cost tools are usually
made poorly and can actually damage your dog's coat and
nails when they go dull or come apart. Therefore it is
necessary to buy good quality tools that will last the
lifetime of your dog. Good grooming tools are not cheap, you
might ask your local groomer which brands they use and
recommend. The groomer may also give you tips on how to
properly groom your Chow Chow.

Here are some tools that you will need:

- Medium to coarse steel comb

- Slicker brush

- Pin brush

- Blow-dryer - The handheld kind is okay but if you can
afford it, specially designed high powered dryers
designed for dogs will save you much time and do a better
job without drying out the coat.

- Nail clipper and a styptic product in case you trim a
nail too short and it bleeds.

- Small fine-toothed comb with a handle.

- Conditioning shampoo and spray-on coat dressing - Don't
use shampoo meant for humans. Dogs require a different pH balance.

- Sturdy grooming table - You'll have better control of
the dog on a table and it will save your back. If
you are handy you can build your own table.

- Well-balanced 7" grooming shears are a requirement.
Be sure to maintain the edge and balance.

It's important that you maintain your Chow Chow's
appearance. This keeps the dog healthy and clean with less
shedding and skin irritation. Remember to brush all the way
down to the skin to provide stimulation of the hair
follicles and remove dead skin.

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