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Stuffed Chow Chow

that will Charm the

Birds out of the Trees

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This Magnificent Stuffed Plush Chow Chow Dog
will melt your Heart like butter melts on hot popcorn.
Full of Charisma with Real Class and Style.

These adorable stuffed Chow dogs are flawless in
their beauty and in their ability to create a lot
of warm, fuzzy feelings in your heart.

A Terrific idea to give for a present to the one you
care most about, and ideal for children under the age of 99.

When you stroke it's soft hair you'll see why you
simply won't be able to put it down.

Easy ordering for your Stuffed Chow Dog
by selecting the Stuffed Ark banner immediately below -
No restrictions apply on the amount of Fun and
Good Feelings you'll have with your brand new
stuffed Chow Chow...... Just Enjoy!

The Chow Chow is a very dominant breed of dog that requires
an owner who isn't meek and who understands dog psychology.
The owner of this dog must be a person that is naturally
firm, confident, consistent, and a natural leader. When the
Chow Chow has such an owner the dog does well. The Chow Chow
that has a good leader will turn out to be a patient,
polite, well rounded, wonderful family dog, though it will
most likely always be wary of strangers.

The Chow Chow dog's fur is sometimes used to trim coats. And
the flesh of the Chow Chow is considered in China to be a
delicacy. Even today dogs are still eaten in China.

In the late 1800's this breed was brought to England by
merchants. The breed's name probably originated from the
Pidgin English word that was used to describe anything that
came from the East: "Chow Chow". The Chow is now a popular
companion dog in the United States. The breed's best talents
include guarding and watching, and because of their
appearance and reputation a Chow is a good deterrent to

The Chow Chow can reach eighteen to twenty-two inches
(forty-six to fifty-six centimeters) in height and weigh
between forty-five and seventy pounds (twenty to thirty-two
kilograms) for both the male and the female. These
measurements are based on healthy averages for this breed.
Chows live an average of fifteen years.

The Chow Chow can live an apartment provided it gets enough
exercise throughout the day. They are somewhat inactive
indoors and a small yard is all that is needed for the dog
to thrive. The breed is sensitive to heat but can live
outdoors if they always have enough shade and water when it
is hot outside.

Chow Chows need to be taken on a daily long walk in order to
take care of their physical and psychological needs. They
tend to be lazy otherwise. If they do not get enough
exercise a wide range of behavioral problems may develop.

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