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Dog Choke Chains
Dog choke chains or choke collars are specialized tools
that are used when walking and training a dog. They
should not be used all of the time. They are dangerous
to a dog if they are used improperly or put on
improperly. Dogs have choked to death from improper use
of a choke collar or have had irreparable damage done
to their throats and larynxes because of an incorrectly
used choke collar.

To put on a choke chain you take the choke chain by
both rings and then put the chain through one of the
rings. To put the choke chain on your dog you want to
put the newly formed loop around your dog's neck and
then clip the leash to the ring that doesn't have chain
going through it. When you pull on it the ring will
tighten around the dog's neck. If you put the choke
collar on incorrectly the chain will not tighten like
it is supposed to or it will not loosen once it is tightened.

Test the choke chain, you should be able to draw the
choke chain tight and then release the chain and it
should immediately loosen around your dog's neck. If it
doesn't, take the choke chain off and put the chain on
correctly or determine what is keeping the chain from
slackening. You never want a chain to stay tight around
your dog's neck, this can be fatal.

It should only be necessary to pull with a quick,
gentle, jerk and release to tell your dog that you want
it to obey you. You should never apply constant
pressure to your dog's neck. This is an incorrect use
of the choke chain and can wind up with your dog
choking for real.

Choke chains are usually reserved for large dogs that
have trouble obeying commands. Usually if you take your
dog to a dog training obedience school you can break
your dog of these bad habits without a choke collar if
you constantly reinforce the training. The choke chain
should only be used when there is no other recourse.

Although choke chains are not considered to be
inhumane, when used improperly they most certainly are.
A choke chain is not a collar and should not be used as
one. A choke chain is a training method to use on your
dog when necessary. Some owners use the choke chain as
a crutch instead of giving their dog real proper
obedience training and this is wrong.

Choke chains come in various sizes and lengths, you
will need to determine what length and size is correct
for your dog. Ask the veterinarian or your dog trainer
what size would be best for your dog.

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