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Dog Play Pens

Dog play pens or exercise pens are usually portable
enclosures that allow a puppy or dog to move around, play
and get exercise while still keeping it safely confined.

Such dog play pens are especially useful for young puppies,
toy dog breeds, or for show dogs that must remain caged for
most of several days while at a show. Dogs need exercise for
proper health, and especially for the healthy working of
their digestive systems, and a good dog play or exercise pen
lets the dog feel a measure of freedom while making your job
of keeping it safe and health much easier.

A good dog play pen is portable, built of lightweight but
sturdy materials and able to fold or collapse without
requiring tools for set up or take down. Some types of dog
exercise pens are designed to attach to your dog's crate so
the dog has a safe and sheltered resting place when it is
tired from play or running about.

For a show dog, having its own play pen in which to wait is
a beneficial boost to its psychological well-being, since it
is a familiar place in which the dog feels safe and in
control even when the environment is strange and filled with
new smells and sounds.

If your pup is of a breed that is prone to a lot of barking
or nervousness, the security of its own dog play pen may
help it to remember its training and remain calm when
strangers or other potential distractions are around.

A dog exercise pen is also a big help with teaching your
young dog not to chew inappropriate objects. When you find
your pup chewing on the furniture or shoes or the television
remote control you simply pick it up and put it and a couple
of its appropriate chew toys into the play pen and leave it
there for a while.

Dog play pens or exercise pens range in size from soft sided
and floored pens that are around the size of a human baby's
play pen to large enclosures designed to be used outdoors
and made from fencing panels that snap together. Some brands
have panels that can be fastened together in any number to
make the dog play pen as large or small as is needed for the
dog and the location.

Unless your dog is a small toy breed, strength and
durability are also important criteria when choosing a dog
play pen. A good dog exercise pen will have sturdy parts
that don't lend themselves to chewing or other damage and
that have no sharp parts that can injure your dog or damage
its coat.

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