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My Dog get's

so Stressed Out

how can I Calm Her?

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Is your Dog under Stress

Natural and Safe Immune System Enhancer for your Dog or Cat

Your pets live in the same stressful world that you do.

Fortunately, our recommended pet care products deliver a powerful,
non-toxic anti-stress adaptogenic formula that works at the
cellular level to protect your dog or cat from the damaging
effects of stress.

It strengthens the dog or cat's natural defenses, normalizes
cell functions and maximizes physical endurance. You can
easily mix it into your petís food.

Primorye Pet:

Key Ingredients:

Eleuthrococcus Senticosis
Rhodiola Rosea
Aloe Vera
Green Tea
Trace Minerals

Natural Immune System Enhancer For Your Dog or Cat
Strengthen your dog or cat's immune system safe & naturally

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