Page Two - The Kitchen of Mrs. Claus


"Go along," said Jolly Old Santa Claus, "but you must remember to be very, very good, and don't let the brownies see you."

First, let's stop at the Cookie Kitchen and see what is happening, shall we?

Just look at the little brownies scurrying about, with  great smudges of flour on their aprons, sugar on their hands....

And see how hard they are working!

Oops! Old "Gram'pa Brownie" just fell; the big sack of flour is very heavy, and he was trying to walk back- wards into the kitchen! And you know, he never remembers to wear his spectacles, he forgets them all the time!

And look at "Jingles," sitting way on top of the oven, telling the brownies just how to place the trays of cookies, so they won't burn.

Star-shaped cookies -- heart-shaped cookies -- ginger- bread cookies -- round and fat little cookies.

Oh! it's such fun to make these sugar cookies for all the good little boys and girls to enjoy.

Aren't you glad when Christmas time comes and you can eat such good things?

But, we must hurry on...the North Pole is a big place and there is much to see.

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