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My Dog's Overweight,

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How to Help a Dog that has some excess pounds.
With: Dr. Jane Bicks

If you believe your dog may be overweight or even obese, we want you to read this important information about overweight dogs.

Obesity among dogs and cats is one of the leading nutritional diseases. Many veterinarians believe it is the greatest health issue facing Americanís pets.

The following health concerns may occur as a result of obesity:  

*  Joint or locomotion difficulties ... Extra pounds put added stress on joints, bones, ligaments and muscles. Conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, disk disease and ligament ruptures may be caused or aggravated by obesity.

*  Heart and Respiratory Disease ... Heart and lungs have to work harder to provide adequate oxygen and circulation. Also, extra fat in the chest cavity and around the heart muscle can decrease the efficiency of the heart and lungs.

*  Diabetes ... Just like people, diabetes is much more common in obese dogs and cats.

*  Liver Disease ... Obese animals are prone to liver disease.

*  Heat Intolerance ... Insulating properties of excessive fat make obese animals uncomfortable and unable to tolerate heat.

*  Skin Problems ... Obese animals often have trouble grooming themselves. The rolls of skin built up by fat deposits can often harbor dirt, bacteria and other harmful organisms.

*  Gastrointestinal Disorder ... Pancreatitis is seen all too often in obese dogs. This condition is painful and life threatening.  

Obesity is one of the greatest health concerns facing our precious pets!

It can cause unnecessary suffering & shortened lifespan!  


Unfortunately, many diet or low fat foods on the market today are focused on weight loss only and often compromise a petís vitality, skin and coat, and overall health.  

This led Dr. Jane Bicks to look for a new, more holistic way in which to approach weight loss.

Her Weight Loss Formula for Dogs will help:

*  Your dog lose un-wanted extra pounds

*  While retaining lean muscle

*  And a Shiny Coat and Robust Health

Here's an easy to read picture chart as a guide to finding out if your pet may be overweight.

Please Tell me if my Dog's Fat?


If your dog is overweight, please give this revolutionary weight loss product a try.....we want your pet to live the longest and healthiest life possible.


Also Check out Dr. Jane's Healthy Low Fat Doggie Treats!



Comments From Drs. Foster's & Smiths Veterinary Staff

Obesity remains the number one nutritional problem among dogs. Studies have documented that, in the United States, 25-45% of dogs and cats are obese. Obesity is a problem that is easy to prevent. To maximize your dog's health, learn how to recognize the signs of obesity and feed to ideal body condition.  


Purina Agrees

Purina recently released the results of a study on obesity in dogs. Dennis Lawler, DVM, Purina scientist and a lead study investigator. "What's exciting about this study is that, for the first time in a larger mammal, we have shown scientifically that by simply feeding to maintain ideal body condition throughout a dogís life, we can increase length of life while delaying the visible signs of aging. That's powerful stuff."  

Bae Li

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