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Healthy and Natural Treats for your Dog

For the Finest in Natural & Healthy Treats that Dog's just Love

Treat your Precious Canine Friend
to Better Health Naturally with these Delicious,
Natural and Healthy Antioxidant Dog Treats.

Free radicals are extremely reactive chemicals. They are
produced within the body and are by-products of normal daily
biochemical reactions. They are also produced outside
the body and are by-products of the normal every day environment
like chemical flea and tick products, heavy metals, parasites,
drugs, ultraviolet rays, house and garden pesticides, bacteria,
fungus and more.

Did you know over 1 million free radicals can be ingested
in one breadth?

Free radicals can wreak havoc in the body by eating cells,
destroying DNA, proteins, enzymes and depressing the immune system.
Many scientists believe they are the cause of accelerated aging,
cancer and many other diseases.

Purdue Veterinary School data shows that over the last
30 years, 24% of over one million dogs treated were diagnosed
with one or more chronic diseases including cancer and
cardiovascular disease.

We don't want your precious friend to be a "statistic".....
neither do you!

Now you can help protect your friend the Natural way, with these
great tasting Healthy Dog Treats, Exclusively for dogs.

Healthy & Natural Dog Treats

Many popular dog treats contain harmful ingredients, like
chemical preservatives, artificial food colorings and sugars.

While they taste good, they’re not really good for your dog.

Antioxidant Health Bars contain all natural and wholesome ingredients that
provide over 70 antioxidant compounds and other important nutrients.

They’ll make you feel good about treating your dog.

Here’s how the nutrients in these Healthy and Natural
Antioxidant Health Bar Dog Treats can benefit your dog:

RiceX Stabilized Rice Bran and Germ (patented and non-chemically treated)  … provides over 70 powerful antioxidant compounds and other nutrients. Among other nutritional benefits, rice bran supports a healthy immune system and combats the effects of stress due to its high level of B vitamins .

Carrots … Promote healthy eyes and cardiovascular system.

Spinach … Promotes strong bones and muscles.

Eggs … Promote an overall strong and healthy body.

Apples … Promote a healthy GI tract and helps remove heavy metals and toxins.

Peanut Butter … Provides the essential oils & proteins for every system of the body.

Barley … Promotes healing and fat metabolism.

Flax Seed Oil ...Promotes healthy skin and coat & supports a healthy immune 



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Natural and Healthy Treats for your Dog
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