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Tippy & Alfred have gotten thousands upon thousands of requests from our readers concerning the Premium dog and cat food they eat.

The main reason why people don't purchase a Premium food for their dog or cat is because the price tag is higher than most supermarket foods.

We just ran across the below report that proves, once and for all that:

Premium foods actually cost LESS than the cheap foods do!

Tippy and Alfred and the girls all know they feel and look a whole lot better after Dave got them off the Nutro and Hills and on to the Life's Abundance food.

Enjoy your reading,
Tippy & Alfred


What's the Best Dog Food for your Money?
By Nan Weitzman and Ross Becker

The sources and availability of nutrients are the keys to determining the quality of a dog food. Much has been written lately in the general press about all dog foods being alike.

Anyone who believes this just doesn't know the facts.

With dog food, the truth is not that you get what you pay for. You can get less than what you pay for, or more. It depends on the quality of the ingredients, the formula, and the nutritional punch of the food.

We like to delve a little deeper into the mysteries of dog food. We look at various scientific analyses to determine how much energy a dog food will provide. And we analyze cost per feeding.


When we began to look at cost per feeding last year, we discovered an interesting fact:  

It costs LESS to feed a Super Premium dog food than an Economy dog food. The secret is in the nutritional power of the food.  


A Super-Premium dog food contains much More energy and protein in every kibble than an economy brand.

In one test we ran, we had to feed five times as much of the Economy brand dog food to get the same nutritional benefits of the Super-Premium.  

Despite the lower cost per bag of the Econo brand, it costs you more to feed than a Super-Premium, because you use more bags.  

How does cost fit in to the dog food picture? We measured the cost of 40 pound bags of various maintenance/adult dog foods and took the manufacturers' suggested feeding instructions. We then calculated the cost of feeding a 40 lb house dog for a day.

The Premium foods studied had an average of 22% crude protein and 10% crude fat. The Super-Premium dog foods examined had an average of 27% crude protein and 15% crude fat. The Economy brands averaged 20% crude protein and 8% crude fat.

The Super-Premium foods suggested feeding an average of 1-3/4 cups of food per day for our 40 lb dog. Premium brands recommended 3-1/4 cups, while the Econo brands instructed feeding 6 cups a day.  

It costs an average of:

24 cents a day to feed a dog a Super-Premium brand

26 cents a day for a Premium brand

31 cents a day for an Econo brand!  

That's right - the Econo-brand actually costs you 7 cents MORE a day to feed your dog than a Super- Premium does.

In order to give your dog the nutrition he needs,  he has to eat 3-1/2 times more of the Econo brand than the Super- Premium food.  

Thus, the big difference is in the poop! The seven cents more that you spend on an Economy brand buys you piles more in the yard cleanup department.  

Something else interesting turned up in our study. If you have a giant breed, such as an Irish Wolfhound, you would have to feed your dog at least 12 cups of an Econo brand for a cost of 64 cents a day.

On a Super-Premium, he'd eat only 4-3/4 cups of food for a cost of 62 cents a day. That means the top quality food costs two cents less than the low quality food to get the same nutrition.

The bigger the dog, the narrower the margin of savings the Super-Premiums give. However, for my money, I'll take the Super-Premiums any day - can you imagine having to clean up the result of 12 cups of food a day per Wolfhound?? (Feeding a bigger dog on a Premium dog food costs 1/3 of a cent less than the Super-Premium, although you will still be feeding more and would have greater stool volume.)

Working with a kennel of 70 active hunting dogs over the last three years, we tested 10 different brands of dog food ranging from Econo brands to Super-Premiums.


We found that it doesn't pay to feed a cheap-quality dog food.  

The better the quality of the food, the LESS it took to feed our dogs.  

Even at a higher price per bag, we saved several cents per feeding per dog. The better quality the food, the better the value.  

Here's an example in our Foxhound kennel. The typical dog weighs about 70 pounds. It costs an average of 86 cents per dog per day to feed a Super-Premium brand, compared to S1.01 per dog per day for a Premium brand. When we fed a Regular brand, it cost us $1.12 per dog per day. When we fed an Econo brand, our cost soared to $1.35 per dog per day.

Super-Premium dog foods are more digestible so more of the nutrients are utilized. This means less poop is produced. Super-Premiums are more nutrient dense and less expensive to feed than Economy, Regular and some Premium brands.  


Oh my Goodness
By: Tippy

When Dave started feeding us the Premium-Quality food we are now Thriving on.....he about choked when he first saw the price on the bag.

But for years Dave had bought a food based mostly on was always the cheap stuff for me.

And...sadly...I paid a price.

A Big price.

I got sick...real sick. Required major surgery, not once but twice to get me better again.

Dave got sick too.

Dave paid a price.....A Big price to get me well.

Try about $1400.00 in veterinarian bills.  

All that cheap supermarket food did was make me sick....gave me a poor coat.....a whole lot of fleas..... a body with no energy.....and the beginnings of arthritis.  

After the second surgery (Dave really did choke on that vet bill!!!!).....but it did wake him up and he broke down and paid the price for bag of the Premium-Quality food.

Well...Woof  Woof  Woof!

Guess what happened?

I started feeling a whole lot better.

Within a couple of weeks I had my old energy levels back, it was like I was 5 years younger. My limp started going away, and I was able to run up stairs again and easily jump up into Dave's big truck.

Within a couple of months, my coat got a whole lot shinier and SOFT!  

Plus: NO MORE FLEAS!!!!! Glory Hallelujah!!!

No more scratching and biting....I was in 7th Heaven.

I felt Great!

And guess what else the big dummy Dave found out?

He only fed me HALF the amount of the Premium-Quality food as he had been feeding the El-Cheapo brand. And I wasn't hungry anymore like I used to be hungry All the time before.

I wasn't getting the nutrients I needed.

Now I am.

You don't believe me?

Then I challenge you to try a bag of Premium-Quality food for yourself and You see the Difference in your dog. don't take my word for it.

We're interested in the health and well being of your precious feline & canine friend. Premium-Quality foods work the same for kitties....just ask Alfred and the girls.

You've actually got nothing to lose by trying a bag of the food for your pet. Our food even comes with a 100% money back guarantee (minus shipping) if you're not satisfied.

So run on over here and get your furry friend to try this out today:

The Best Premium Quality Pet Food in America



Tippy & Alfred know that this is the most important information you can ever receive for your pet's health. Our pets are what we feed them.

Degenerative type diseases, skin and coat problems, allergies, and many other ailments including accelerated aging are becoming more and more of a problem with pets these days.

We hate to see that.

But Tippy & Alfred and the rest of the help-purrs are living proof that problems such as mentioned above don't have to occur nearly as frequently, or even at all.

Tippy, Alfred, and the rest of the kitties have not made one single visit to the vets for health related problems since Dave started giving them the Life's Abundance Daily Nutritional System.

And they all have beautiful shiny coats, have a lot more energy than they did, hardly ever scratch anymore, have no digestive upsets, no allergies, and even the flea problem they once had is now gone!

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