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Bark Collars: Stop Unwanted Dog Barking
By Byron Pappageorge

Bark Collars

Many pet owners become lost as to what to do when their dog is
barking and nothing seems to stop him. Maybe it doesn’t even
bother the pet owner himself, but the neighbors are complaining.
What can be done? A bark collar is one method to help control a
dog’s barking. Bark collars are used to stop a dog from barking,
but should be used as a last resort.

While it may be inconvenient to the dog’s owner, bark is part of
owning a dog. It comes with the territory, so to speak.
Understanding why your dog barks may help you realize what needs
to be done. Often, the only thing that can be done is to use a
bark collar. Here’s how they work.

Suppose that while a dog owner is away from home, neighbors
complain that the barking is unbearable. Perhaps a dog barks
quite a bit at night and this leads neighbors to report the
owner. Using a bark collar can help eliminate this. The collar is
placed on the dog either all the time or during certain times
that the pet owner wishes to stop the dog’s barking. When the dog
barks, a very small amount of electric stimulation which is
similar to static shock is sent through the bark collar to the
dog. While it is uncomfortable, it is not harmful. The dog barks
again, and again, the collar sends the stimulation. The dog
starts to relate the stimulation to the bark and will eventually
stop barking.

A bark collar is a bark collar. It will do its job and eliminate
or lessen the amount of barking a dog does. Deciding when to use
a bark collar is the decision only the pet owner can make. A
recommendation to use a bark collar is not bad, but it may be
necessary. Should the dog keep barking and causing the pet
owner’s neighbors to report it, can lead the animal to being
removed. If a bark collar can stop this, it may be necessary.
But, before resorting to this level, a pet owner should try to
find out why his dog is barking. Using a bark collar sparingly or
only during specific times may also lessen the effects on the
dog. While a great tool, the decision to use a bark collar should
be thought about first.
Byron Pappageorge

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