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Dog Shock Collars

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Dog Shock Collars: Teaching Your Dog Basic Obedience
and Breaking Bad Habits

By Byron Pappageorge

Dog Shock Collars

Dog shock collars are a touchy subject among animal owners. While
their goal is to train a dog to follow a set of rules, many
people feel they can be cruel to animals. There are many reasons
to believe this and more to not believe. Here are some facts and
some ideas to consider if you are in the market to purchase a dog
shock collar.

First of all, the name itself, dog shock collar, is a turn off.
No decent pet owner wants to hurt his pet. But, it is also
misleading. The shock created by dog shock collars is minimal and
safe to the animal. That is not to say that itís a pleasant
experience either. The experience is the same as static shock
that we all have felt. It is very minimal and causes just a small
amount of harm. The discomfort the animal receives will hopefully
teach it to not perform such behavior.

How does a dog shock collar work? The dog shock collars work in
different ways. Those that help keep the animal in an area with
no fence, work through sensors beneath the ground that trigger
the animals collar to shock the pet when it comes to close to no
go zone. Others trigger when an animal barks. Again, it is like
rubbing your feet on some carpeting. It feels the same as that
type of static shock.

The bottom line is this. Dog shock collars are effective in
teaching a pet how to behave and how to interact with others and
their environment. It is unfortunate that dog shock collars cause
pain, but should this be a method of training, it can be
understood why it is used. Making a decision on whether or not to
purchase a dog shock collar is completely up to the pet owner.
Again, there are positive and negatives to dog shock collars that
must be examined. Only the pet owner themselves can decide what
is the right choice in dog shock collars for their pet.
Byron Pappageorge

Archie doesn't like dog shock collars and always is
a good doggie for his pet parents.

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