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Adopting an Adult Dog from a Shelter
By: Tippy

An adult dog is the best choice if you are going to adopt a
dog from an animal shelter or rescue center. Many, many dogs
are abandoned, abused or given up to a shelter, and most of
these dogs are adult. Most are also capable of being adopted
and of being wonderful pets.

Adult shelter dogs have the advantage that they have already
made it through the risks of puppy hood, have had their
health checked, their vaccinations finished, have been
spayed or neutered, have been tested for physical or
psychological problems, and have reached their full growth.
There is no guess or crossing of fingers in the hope that
the puppy will turn out the way you want when it is full

Although puppies are cute and most people want them for that
obvious reason, many people may not realize the work and
effort that goes into raising a puppy. An adult dog more
often than not has had some basic training, is housebroken
and has had temperament tests so that you will know how to
expect the dog to react in certain situations. Many shelters
won't adopt a dog out if it fails an aggression test, for

Puppies can become easily traumatized by being in a shelter,
whereas an adult dog can come out of a shelter relatively
unscathed, especially if it had good owners before going to
the shelter.

The plain fact of the matter is that many of these dogs at
one point in their lives were wanted by someone, and many
have been beloved and well-trained pets. And even if they
aren't a still cute puppy, if the adult dog is the breed you
want or tugs at your heartstrings, then getting it as an
adult that has all the benefits of already having being
socialized and having a clean bill of health is a very good
option for you.

Currently here in the United States nearly all of the pet
shelters are extremely overpopulated. Many of the shelters
have resorted to euthanizing after a certain time period to
solve this overcrowding problem. Along with this there is
usually a lack of enough funding to keep these organizations

Unfortunately some shelters have been forced to just stop
accepting any animals and as a result dogs are sometimes
simply dumped on the street or in the countryside to form
wild packs that harass the surrounding areas. Often these
poor dogs are shot on sight by farmers or livestock owners
who spot them on their property.

Because some people do not take responsibility for and give
proper care to the dogs that they have taken home, the
population of unwanted dogs keeps growing. The cute puppy
that they brought home has turned into something that they
are unwilling to be responsible for, and they don't do what
is necessary and spay/neuter and get immunizations for that
dog. This results in even more unwanted dogs. This is a sad

When you decide to add a dog to you family, please check the
shelters first, you probably will be amazed at the wonderful
dogs that are simply waiting to love you.

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