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Registering cats with the American Cat Association

The American Cat Association is one of the oldest United
States cat registries; it was incorporated in 1904 and has
been in existence since 1899. The association is mostly
active in the western United States. The stated objective of
the ACA is to promote and protect the welfare of cats and
cat owners.

In addition to have the oldest registry in the United
States, the American Cat Association maintains stud books as
well. In 1906, the American Cat Association became the main
registry for the country. The ACA focuses mainly on being a
registry and maintaining stud books and does not have shows
like a traditional feline club.

The ACA was the first to recognize the rare Snowshoe breed
of cat in 1974 and their geneticist helped write the
breeding standard for this animal. The ACA was also the
first to recognize the Nebelungs, often referred to a long-
haired Russian Blue.

The ACA does not have an internet presence and seems to be
one of the harder to find out about of cat associations in
the United States, but many people still agree it is
worthwhile to register your cat with the ACA since it is the
oldest established registry and so is foundational to the
pedigreed cat world. The association is currently based out
of Southern California.

The main difference between the ACA and other cat clubs such
as the American Cat Fanciers Association is that they don't
hold shows of any kind. Most cat clubs use shows as a way to
introduce new breeds, acknowledge top pedigreed cats and a
as a way to raise funds for various charitable activities.
The ACA used to do cat shows but stopped doing them in the
90's and decided to focus instead on just being a registry.

Although the American Cat Association doesn't seem to have
as high of a profile as the other cat clubs, if you have a
purebred cat you want to register or trace the bloodlines
of, the ACA is probably a good place to start.

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