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Dr. Jane Bicks talks about Antioxidants & your Pet

Free radicals are extremely reactive chemicals. They are produced within the body and are by-products of normal daily biochemical reactions.

They are also produced outside the body and are by-products of the normal every day environment like chemical flea and tick products, heavy metals, exhaust fumes, parasites, drugs, ultraviolet rays, house and garden pesticides, bacteria, fungus, and more.

Over 1 million free radicals can be ingested in one breath.

Free radicals can wreck havoc in the body by eating cells, destroying DNA, proteins, enzymes and depressing the immune system. Many scientists believe they are the cause of accelerated aging, cancer, and many other degenerative type diseases.

Perdue University Veterinary School data shows that over the last 30 years, 24% of over one million dogs treated were diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Antioxidants defend against free radical damage by combining them and then neutralizing them so they can no longer damage cells!

Scientists believe DNA is critical to maintaining the health of both cats and dogs. It is thought that around 80-90% of human cancers are due to DNA damage. (Doll & Peto 1981)

A study conducted by Waltham (pet food company) in 2001 investigated free radicals and DNA damage. Results of the study concluded that dogs fed a special blend of antioxidant rich food had 26% less DNA damage than dogs fed a typical commercial blend of food. Cats had 17% less damage than cats fed a typical commercial blend of food.

Now you can treat your dog to better health naturally with my delicious antioxidant health bars!

Many popular dog treats contain harmful ingredients like chemical preservatives, artificial food colorings, and sugars. While they taste good, they are not really good for your dog.

My Antioxidant Health Bars contain over 70 antioxidants and contain only nutritious wholesome ingredients like stabilized rice bran, rolled oats, flax meal, brown rice, barley, peanut butter, canola oil, dried whole eggs, carrots, apples, spinach, and rosemary.

Here's how your dog can benefit from my Health Bars:

*  Rice bran supports a healthy immune system and combats the effects of stress due to it's high level of vitamin B.

*  Carrots promote healthy eyes and cardiovascular system

*  Spinach promotes strong bones and muscles

*  Eggs promote an overall strong and healthy body

*  Apples promotes a healthy GI tract and helps remove heavy metals and toxins.

*  Peanut Butter provides essential oils and proteins for every system of the dog's body.

*  Barley promotes healing and fat metabolism

*  Flax Seed Oil promotes healthy skin and coat and a healthy immune system.


Tippy Says:

I highly recommend having your dog paw their way over and check
out these Delicious and Healthy.......
Antioxidant Health Bars  online right Here

They are some of Tippy's Favorite treats!  Woof Woof!

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