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Understanding how

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Children with Asthma

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Childhood Asthma Symptoms negated by having a Cat
Written By: Alfred

According to a Columbia University study in 1998, exposure
of young children to a cat seems to reduce early indicator
symptoms of asthma. The "wheeze" these children get at
around age three has been shown to go away by age five in
most cases where a cat was in the home with the child.
Find out the symptoms of Childhood Asthma.

Many people would think that exposure to pets and pet dander
would cause the allergies from which a lot of people suffer.
But it seems that actually having a pet in the home helps
children develop antibodies against allergens. The
antibodies produced against the dander and other biological
materials such as endotoxin shed by pets has been shown to
protect children from developing allergies to other
allergens such as pollen.

Asthma is usually related to an allergy that gets out of
hand, whether caused by a contaminant or a stress factor to
the body. Children are more susceptible to developing
asthma, especially children that are not breastfed. It has
also been noted that children that live in a home with
parents who smoke are more likely to develop asthma.
Children have not yet developed the necessary antibodies to
the allergens to which they may be exposed.

So if your child does start to develop the asthma wheeze
look at every factor, not just your pet if you have one. If
you smoke you should stop smoking. If you live in a home
with poor hygienic standards clean the home and get some
kind of pest control agent. Get a HEPA filter to filter the
air and have the home checked for mold or other contaminates
that may be causing the problem. In some cases black mold
will infest a home and people will not be aware that it is
there until after irreparable health damage occurs. Look at
the time of year and what is pollinating. If you live in a
high stress household then you should go to a family
counselor to resolve any issues that may be putting stress
on the child.

It has been noted that the more polluted the city or home
you live in the more likely your children are to develop
asthma. Reducing certain environmental factors has been
proven to protect children from developing an asthma-related
condition. But these recent studies suggest that having a
pet can actually help your children overcome asthma if they
start to develop it.

There are conditions however. If your child does develop
asthma and becomes allergic to a pet you should remove the
pet from your home and give it to a rescue agency or someone
else who will care for it. You child's health is of course
more important that having a cat or other pet in the home.

Asthma seems to be primarily caused by environment but
children may also be predisposed to develop asthma because
of genetics. Some people may have asthma-related allergies
and not be aware of it. If you have trouble with upper
respiratory infections a lot during the year then you may
want to look at the possibility of an allergen causing the
problem rather than blaming it on the common cold.

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