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August 05, 2004

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All Puppies and full grown pets go to Heaven

Hi my name is Barbara, and I want to say I truly believe all
puppies and full grown pets go to Heaven, I have never
thought other wise. Pets are very devoted and loving they
love us as humans unconditionally, and protect us from
things that in life that may hurt us.

Our pets no matter what they may be deserve nothing but the
best when they are alive we all make sure that they are
happy in every way possible, all the hugs and kisses and
playing or simply just laying around with one another shows
how yours or mine loves us to no end.

I believe if humans could carry that special devotion and
love as our pets do, there would never be any type of
violence or mishaps in this world. One thing a lot of people
donít get or realize is, our pets are what we make them and
they grow to be the way people raise them. As sad as it is
there is people in this world that enjoy making animals
mean. And it is not the animals fault. 

On July 28th,03 my puppy went to Heaven. She was beautiful,
and kind, she turned 4 months old on that same day as she
laid in the vets I had to say my goodbyes to her and my
words were I love you and I will see you in Heaven as I
kissed her gently on her nose.

She looked me in my eyes and I truly believe she knew she
wasnít going to make it in this life. She had never hurt a
soul, so young and innocent as she was. You see I had to go
in the hospital for some testing and I was only gone for
about 4 hours and she was securely put away with her
brothers and sisters as always. When I came home she was
laying in the grass in front of my house and two other
puppies I have were gone so my daughter went to find them,
she found them in some body's backyard and they told my
daughter that the puppies were theirs and of course she new
that wasnít true so she got them back. hank the Lord.

A teenager climbed my fence and took my puppies and I think
to myself why? And if only he could of known one of them was
going to get hit by a car. My family cried so much. We loved
her dearly but I know she's in Heaven being protected from
all the unnecessary harm there is on this earth. Jumping from
cloud to cloud and playing forever.

Barbara Carolla


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We don't do much traveling, Sandy went with us because of
military destinations . We are planning a 3 day trip soon
and I am concerned about my Heidi. She will remain home with
a doggy sitter. She will be in our home and around her
things but we have never left her before and it does concern

She laid next to my father as he died and was carried from
the house, Sandy was taken away and never returned and now
we will leave for a few days.

She is a very sensitive dog. You can't yell at her or scold
her (not that you need to). We don't have many people inside
our home, she is in the office with me all the time and
knows the tenants. The young man taking care of her isn't in
my home and she is not use to him. He will come by to see
her before our departure and stay at the house at night. I
hope this will work.



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Absolutely! I lost 2 of my babies a year apart they were
Mother & Daughter. Mom had diabetes for years and I was told
she would not live to be 8...well that dog was so full of
love she was out to prove the Vet's wrong and lived to be
14. Her daughter lived to be 15.

The 2 new babies we have now are carbon copies of the other
2 in so many ways and are so loving. Sometimes you just feel
Mom & daughter present in the room making sure these two
fill their paws like they did for us!

So do I believe YOU BET!

Koby Kyle & Piper's Mama
Mary Beth Bishop

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