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Will the Australian

Terrier Dog be a

Good Companion Dog?


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Self Confident & Affectionate, the Australian Terrier
By: Tippy

The Australian Terrier is a good small dog that is self
confident and affectionate. They do have a tendency to want
to go their own way and follow their own ideas, like most
terriers. They learn very quickly and training with firm
consistency and strictness is very important with this dog.

If this Terrier is not taken into hand and trained properly
and socialized properly behavioral problems can arise. In
order to avoid "small dog syndrome" you need to be a
consistent pack leader to this dog. They also have
territorial issues that will have to be addressed properly.

The Australian Terrier can reach on average between nine to
eleven inches (twenty-three to twenty-eight centimeters) in
height. They weigh between nine to fourteen pounds (four to
six kilograms) on average.

The Australian Terrier is a healthy, hardy breed that is long lived and
will probably live their live free of any major hereditary
health problems. They live on average around fifteen years
or more and have an average litter size of four puppies.

This dog does well in an apartment setting and is fairly
active indoors. If provided a yard it will play in it but a
yard isn't really necessary. They do need to be walked daily
and shouldn't be allowed to roam free off of a leash because
of their instinct to chase small animals.

You can travel with this dog relatively easily. They do not
eat a lot and if overfed have a tendency to become

The Australian Terrier is a very adaptable dog and likes to play and
romp around. They like their daily walks and prefer to be
with their masters. Be sure to provide them with a safe area
to play in with toys to engage their attention and to avoid
gnawing problems.

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