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History of the Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier dogs have a long, shaggy, stiff coat that
requires little care and little clipping. They do need to
have their coat brushed out several times a week and you
should be gentle with their undercoat. Brushing the coat of
a dog stimulates the oil glands and will make the coat shiny
and healthy looking.

The breed standard is for this dog to have a hard coat. You
will not need to wash them too often and a once a month bath
is more than enough. After a bath you will need to brush the
coat once it dries. Trim the fur around the ears and eyes
with blunt scissors when needed.

The coat will also have to be plucked around every three
months. The nails will have to be trimmed as well. This
breed barely sheds and shedding should not be an issue at
all really.

The Australian Terrier dog was bred from natural crossings of
all kinds of terriers. The breed was developed in Australia,
obviously, and is one of the smallest working dogs. They
were first shown as the Australian Rough-Coated Terrier back
in 1868.

Australian Terriers were used to control snake and rodent
populations, as a shepherd and as a watchdog. They also make
great companion dogs. This breed is still relatively new in
the United States and was officially recognized by the AKC
in 1960.

The Australian Terrier is a very good working and companion
dog and can perform many different tasks including agility,
performing tricks, tracking and as a watchdog.

With proper care this dog will be a lifelong companion. They
are an intelligent breed and prefer to be mentally
stimulated and to have regular exercise. Australian Terriers
perform best when they are given fun tasks to complete and
they love to be around their humans.

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