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Australian Terrier

The Tiny Little Terrier

with the Big Heart


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The Little and Amusing Australian Terrier Breed of Dog
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Australian Terrier, also known as the Aussie, is among
the smallest of the terrier group. It is a little dog that
is short-legged and sturdy. It has a long head with the
muzzle the same length as the head, V-shaped erect ears and
dark eyes. The nose should be black and should have a bare,
inverted V-shape from the nose to the bridge of the muzzle.

The teeth come together in a scissors bite and the body has
a level top line. The dog is slightly longer than it is
tall. The chest is deep, strong and moderately wide. It has
a docked tail and small cat-like feet. The dewclaws are
usually removed after the puppies are a few days old.

The Australian Terrier's coat is weatherproof and rough
textured. The coat grows to two to three inches (five to
seven and one half centimeters) in length and can come in
dark or slivery blue, sandy or solid red with tan markings
on the legs and head. The undercoat is short and soft. The
breed has a topknot of sorts, they also have a ruff and
apron that are usually lighter colored and with a texture
that is finer than the main body hair.

This dog is cheeky and tough with the courage of a much
bigger dog. It is loyal and has boundless energy and great
affection for its owners. Australian Terrier Dogs are extremely
intelligent, protective and responsive. They are an alert,
amusing and lovable small dog. They are also curious, self-
assured and spirited and have very keen eyesight and

Aussies make wonderful watchdogs. They do well with
obedience training and want to please their masters. As far
as terriers go they are probably the most trainable and
least stubborn of the breeds.

This dog does like to bark but they are not snappish like
other terriers. They will be the first to alert you when
something is wrong or out of place or someone is coming, but
they often will have to be told that's enough in order to
stop barking. They often do not do well around children and
have been known to snap at them.

They are usually friendly around other pets and dogs, but
they have been known to chase small animals when outdoors.
After all, that is what they were bred to do. This breed,
like all terriers, must be socialized and obedience trained well.

Australian Terrier

How to Keep your Australian Terrier Happy & Healthy
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The Australian Terrier is a rough coated, compact
dog and one of the smallest working terriers.

If you are using a supermarket food - vegetable enzymes are needed.

If you are showing him, a professional high quality
diet is needed.

If you can't get him slowed down, natural anti-anxiety supplements
may be required.

Kong toys, bones stuffed with peanut butter, and
toys like the Buster cubes are essential. Exercise is vital.

I only recommend this pet food and treats
for Australian Terriers

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