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Beaky Buzzard with

low IQ and goofy grin

on Looney Tunes



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Beaky Buzzard

Beaky Buzzard is one of Mother Buzzard's children, although
Beaky is certainly the runt of the clutch...both physically and mentally.

Beaky is your typical buzzard but a bit on the fat side and
with his goofy grin and way too low IQ, Beaky does have
a unique way of entertaining his viewers.

Although to his credit, later cartoons did show Beaky as a
smarter bird than originally cast and even became a mentor to
Concord Condor in one show.

Beaky Buzzard did not make many appearances in the Looney
Tunes cartoons, but did appear in several issues of Dell Comics'
Looney Tunes series of comic books, where he was usually paired
with Henery Hawk.

Some selected Looney Tunes cartoons featuring Beaky Buzzard

Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid   1942

In Beaky Buzzard's debut appearance, Mother Buzzards
send her boys out to find dinner and instructs Beaky to
bring home a rabbit who happens to be Bugs Bunny

The Bashful Buzzard   1945

Beaky and his brothers go hunting to bring food home for
Mother Buzzard

Strife With Father   1950

Two sparrows hatch an egg into what turns out to be
Beaky Buzzard

The Lion's Busy   1950

Beaky Buzzard has some fun with Leo the Lion.

Some of Beaky Buzzard's Sayings

Nooooo! Gosh! What will they think of next
Don't wanna do it
Gosh, what's holdin' him up
Gosh, flyin' sure hurts a feller's head

Yikes! Huh huh huh
Yup yup, I got it, I got it all right. er... what have I got
We won't catch any chickens if'n you fool around like this
I let him have it all right all right all right

Gosh, this is fun
And you - you are my hero
Hey, what did you do to my poor little kid
My momma done told me, bring home something for dinner

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