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Is the Belgian Tervuren the Best Dog Breed for You?

The Belgian Tervuren is an intelligent and obedient dog.
They have been bred with strong protective and territorial
instincts that make them serious, strong and watchful. These
dogs need to be socialized well in order to curb sensitivity
and shyness.

This sensitive breed needs an experience owner with natural
leadership and authority but no harshness. Rules need to be
set and followed strictly with this dog. This way boundaries
are set and the Tervuren is comfortable with its position.

Breeders of the Tervuren need to socialize and train the dog
from birth. An owner needs to socialize the dog very well
and obedience train it. This dog will never be content to
just lie about and do nothing as they are a working dog
breed and need the mental and physical challenges that are
provided by consistent training and work.

It is because of this behavior that this dog makes an
excellent guard dog or police dog. Currently this is the
breed's main occupation. They are bred to be instinctively
protective and territorial, that is what makes them so good
at these particular jobs.

Before bringing any dog breed home you should research the
breed thoroughly and match the dog to your circumstances and
character. Dogs of the Belgian Tervuren need an owner that
can match them for strength of personality. If you are a
meek person or an inexperienced dog owner then this dog is
not the dog for you.

They do make excellent companions and pets when properly
socialized. They are wonderful around children if raised
with them and well socialized with them. They are alert,
loyal and watchful, which makes them excellent watch dogs
and great protectors of children. This breed is a pack dog
and will not be happy simply being in the kennel or
backyard. They want to be with their people all the time.

They need a lot of exercise. If they are ignored often they
will get themselves into trouble by finding something to
entertain themselves, often this is expensive to the
neglectful owner. These dogs have high energy and drive and
need a job to do.

This dog isn't an "all people dog," they usually only bond
with one or two people and at best are friendly to others
and suspicious of strangers. The owner should be careful
when introducing this dog breed to small pets of different
species. And when introducing a new dog to the Tervuren
household dominance games will have to be discouraged in
order to maintain a peaceful household.

The Tervuren is a herding dog and may circle, pace and nip
at the heels of animals and people. This action will have to
be trained out of the dog. This dog is a very demanding dog
and will want its owner's attention all the time. If you do
not have the time for much daily training and play, this is
not the dog for you.

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