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Quality Bird Food for Pet & Wild Birds

Feeding Pet & Exotic Birds

Lake's Pet Bird Food.... is specially formulated to provide optimal,
balanced nutrition for birds to help them live long, healthy lives.
These are highly-digestible formulas, which are made from only the
best ingredients.

Optimum nutrition helps give your bird vibrant natural looking feathers,
proper skeletal formation and alert attitude.

You will see the Lake's difference in all your birds, from babies to adult
and breeder birds. All parrots and companion birds from the smallest
parakeet to conures, tiels, african greys, amazons, toos
and macaws benefit when on Lake's diets. Lake's is even proven optimal
for rehabing all parrots and even wild  backyard birds.

Lake's Pet Bird Food:
Right for today, Right for tomorrow, Right from the start!

Compare Lake's avian formulas to other diets. Ask yourself if you're paying for quality ingredients and not just a unique manufacturing process or chicken feed?

* Balanced nutrition. No known supplements necessary. We do recommend the addition of fruit and treats.

* A high quality base of wheat, corn, isolated soy protein, alfalfa, kelp, sunflower (small %), soy oil, fish  solubles, and a complex balance of vitamins & minerals.

* 100% edible!

* 80-85% digestible protein formulas!

* A truly "pelleted" (not expanded) manufacturing process.

* NO Ethoxyquin or artificial colors/flavorings/sweeteners!

Petey & Petunia thrive on Lake's Pelleted Bird Food and
highly recommend your trying the same for your pet birds.

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Feeding Wild Birds

You'll find the best in backyard birdfeeding at Duncraft
-- feeders, foods, baths, installation solutions, seed storage
ideas, and scores of tips, articles and links. You'll also find
products for enhancing your backyard.

Duncraft started over 50 years ago with a single windowsill birdfeeder. Now Duncraft products are found in birdfeeding specialty shops and stores nationwide.

Duncraft offers you a great selection of seeds, specialty bird food mixes,
suet, bird feeders, bird houses, squirrel protection, bird baths,
bird feeding accessories and much more. Also an easy to read chart
on what foods to feed specific birds.

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