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An easy Guide to Bird Watching 4 Beginners

People go Bird Watching or Birding, simply because it's a whole
lot of fun.

If you want to be a bird watcher, the requirements are as
simple as having an interest in birds and then looking out
your window. No fancy or expensive equipment is needed,
although as you become more interested in bird watching,
you will want to get a good pair of binoculars and a
decent field guide to help in identification.

The point of birding is being able to identify wild
birds in their natural habitat, by sight and/or sound, and to
understand, appreciate, and enjoy watching birds behaving

To help you find out more about wild birds, you can get
videos, books at your local library, bird magazines and
search online.

If you really get into bird watching, at some point you
may want to invest in a good camera or video camera to
"capture" your findings. It's really cool to watch home
videos of the beautiful creatures God has created as
they flutter about their environment.

Bird watching is not strenuous, so people of all ages can
enjoy it, as can folks with handicaps. In fact bird watching
is a great activity for those who are physically challenged.

According to a recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife survey, 76 million
Americans currently enjoy the sport of watching birds. Itís easy
to understand why. Birds are colorful, interesting to watch or
listen to and relatively easy to attract to backyards.

What to look for when Bird Watching to help in Identification

1. Basic shape and size of the bird
2. The birds wings, beak, & feet
3. The color of the bird
4. Where the bird lives
5. It's habits
6. It's call or song
7. How the bird feeds/eats
8. What the bird eats

Where to go Bird Watching

Basically you can watch birds any place they are.
In your backyard, parks, forests, woods, nature preserves,
the list is endless.

Most birders start out by watching and attracting birds
to their own backyards. As the hobby grows, you can take
trips to various parks and really anywhere you may travel
there will be birds.

Really, just about everywhere you go, there will be birds
of some sort.

What Not to do when Bird Watching

* Don't disturb birds that are nesting or eggs in nests
* Don't make excessive noise....keep noise level at a minimum
* Don't disturb a bird's natural ecosystem
* Don't take pets with you, other animals can scare birds

How to Attract Birds to your Backyard

You can attract birds to your backyard by providing them
with the things they need to live: food, water and shelter. Bird
feeders, baths and houses, trees, bushes, bugs and seed producing
plants all help bring birds to your backyard where you can see
them more easily. Keeping your cat or dog in the house also makes
birds safer.

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