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Birds that would

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Birds Given as Christmas Presents
By: Tippy & Alfred

We all want to give something special to someone on
Christmas, and some people opt to get a pet for that special
someone. But, pets are not toys and shouldn't be acquired
without a lot of thought and research first. They also
should never be given as gifts to someone who doesn't expect
the animal and may not appreciate the responsibility or know
how to properly care for their new pet.

If you have done your research and due diligence, there are
any number of birds that are good choices for Christmas gifts as pets,
from the tiny Finch to the gigantic Macaw. But all of them require
special care and attention. Not everyone is capable of
handling a pet bird and giving it what it needs.

Again, it is never a good idea to give a pet to someone
without the giftee being aware that they are going to
receive one. You should inform the giftee that you want to
give them a bird for a present for Christmas, and ask if it
is a good idea, not only because the person may not want a
pet but because the person may want to give their own input.
There are many varying species of birds that can make good
pets, but each species has its own personalities and quirks.
The person you intend to give the bird to may want a
specific type of bird as a pet.

You also will need to take into consideration the fact that
keeping a captive bird requires a lot of paraphernalia. The
bird will need a cage, feeding and watering dishes, toys, a
cage stand, newspaper or special bird paper to line the
cage, and a cover for the cage when transporting the bird.
Birds are easily stressed by moving and changing of
environment, and some can be fatally sickened by something
as seemingly unimportant as a cold draft.

You shouldn't give a bird as a pet to a young child.
Children like to handle pets and play with them. Birds do
not like to be handled unless trained to be handled, and
even then they do not want to be grasped. A lot of birds
will bite, especially when stressed.

If you do choose to give a bird to a young child, make sure
that they understand that the bird is not to be touched,
poked or prodded in any way, and that a responsible adult
will help the child care for the bird. The child must be
able to respect the bird's space and only be allowed to
handle the bird with an adult present, if that bird is a
species and individual that is capable of being handled.

Ultimately, the life and well-being of the animal is your
responsibility when you give the gift of a pet. Should the
recipient not want the pet or become unable to care for the
bird you should take the bird and either keep it yourself or
find it a good home.

If you have consulted with the person to whom you want to
give the bird, and they agree, you can spend time together
going from store to store looking for just the right bird.
You can spend time together learning about birds and how to
care for them. You can also go with them to pick out
paraphernalia for the bird. This can make this a great
experience rather than a big hassle. It's up to you. Just
always keep the welfare of the bird in mind. Birds are
living creatures and shouldn't be an impulse purchase.
Rather, a pet bird can and should be a charming friend and
addition to the life of its owner for many years.

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