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Adorable & Charming

Black Labrador


Beautiful Black Labrador Collectible Figurines!

Any dog lover, Labrador owner, or collector of quality
figurines will love this adorable, full-color Black Labrador
figurine that simply begs you to play.

Labradors are one of the few uniquely American dog breeds
and are famed for their hardy outdoor and hunting skills as
well as their always affectionate natures. They are both the
perfect family dog and the perfect hunter's companion.

In fact, the Labrador is reportedly the most popular dog
breed in the world! This little Lab figurine is gazing
lovingly out at the world, just waiting for its new friend
to choose it.

And who wouldn't want to take this cute little fellow home?
Uniquely designed by Montana artist Phyllis Driscoll, this
Black Labrador figurine is completely lifelike and
completely adorable. You will love the detail that shows the
smooth coat and alert expression for which the Labrador is

Visit our easy-shopping online store to see this little guy
and all his friends, along with many other low-cost gifts,
accessories, calendars, decorations and the like for every
dog breed.

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